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Tips to improve Tennis

Posted Dec 12 2008 1:18pm

Tennis brings into play almost all of the muscle groups of the body. In particular, it works muscles in the legs, shoulders, back, forearms, and wrists.

Tips To Improve Tennis

Perform a total-body strength training program to help you hit the ball harder and move faster. Working out is the best way to improve your tennis game - not simply playing more tennis. Use light weights and do many repetitions to build muscle stamina as well as strength.
Before you play, go through a series of strokes without the ball. Then hit the ball at half-speed and do some serves to warm up your shoulder and back muscles.

Have a tennis coach look at your swing. Good swing mechanics are essential. The best tennis players have great mechanics in delivering the racquet head to the ball.

Drink water or a sports drink at every changeover, if possible. Have a water bottle with you at courtside. Continue to take in liquids when you come off the court.

Tennis places tremendous demands on different body parts; for example, when your arm is fully extended over your head to reach for a shot. Throughout a match, you are called upon to generate great force from a variety of body positions while changing direction, stopping quickly, and serving. A flexible, unrestricted range of motion will help prevent injuries and enhance your performance. Make sure to warm up and stretch before you play, then cool down and stretch again afterward.

Essential Equipment:

A light-weight tennis racquet for a faster swing, better control, and more power. Some racquets have wider, stiffer frames and longer handles to extend your reach. Others have bigger hitting surfaces to improve your chances of hitting the ball. Use the largest grip that is comfortable to avoid blisters.

Tennis shoes that provide good lateral support and good shock absorption.
Tennis socks that keep away perspiration and reduce friction.
Sunscreen, a broad-brimmed hat and protective clothing to reduce risk of sun damage.
Sunglasses rated to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet light.
Water bottle - drink water, water and more water.

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