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Thursday Treats

Posted Sep 06 2012 5:00am
I have an insane sweet tooth. I made it my job to hunt down new bakeries and doughnut shops in Chicago, but all that sugar catches up. It's hard to work off a lifestyle dedicated to sweets, but it's not impossible to surround yourself with sweets that are also good for you. I decided I wanted to dedicate a day of the week to what I consider is one of the most important meals of the day: dessert. Enter Thursday Treats, a weekly round-up of 6 feel-good and good-for-you dessert recipes. 

When I give myself a treat, I hate the idea of only eating it in moderation. I seriously do. So I decided to make an effort to prepare healthy desserts for myself. The trouble was I had no idea where to start, and I'm guessing many don't either. With the help of the wonderful FitFluential community, here is this week's inaugural round-up of healthy and delicious treats that'll make you forget they were good for you. 

The recipes and images below belong to the bloggers. Please check out their recipes and their blogs, follow them on Twitter and Facebook and the like. If you like their healthy desserts, who knows what else you'll love on their site?

Which of these healthy desserts are you gonna try this weekend?
Send me your healthy dessert recipes and they could be featured in Thursday Treats!


Brownie Bites

Photo courtesy of Vanilla Bean Lean
Photo courtesy of Cupcake Kelly's
Not only is this gluten-free but it's only 89 calories per cookie. Compare that to a whopping 200 calories for an average chocolate chip cookie. There's coconut and chocolate chips to make the cookies extra delectable. And, according to the creator of these awesome cookies, Kelly of  Cupcake Kelly , you couldn't tell these were made with almond flour.

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Photo courtesy of Sprint 2 the Table
Don't you wanna just take a bite of this photo? Laura from Sprint 2 the Table  created these treats basically for people like me who absolutely require chocolate in their lives without the added calories. This recipe calls for some gluten-free substitutions (coconut flour and guar gum) and some sugar replacements ( NuNaturals baking blend  and xylitol ). 100 calories each and only 2 grams of sugar. Seriously? I'm going to go out and buy a zucchini now. 

Banana Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Banana Buzzbomb
The only ingredient you need? Bananas. Ripe ones. They can be frozen. They could be lying on your countertop waiting to be used and then frozen for a yummy and incredibly healthy dessert. Heidi from Banana Buzzbomb gives you a great way to get your serving of fruit if you hate (HOW?!) consuming them raw. How about a protein-filled ice cream you won't feel bad about tomorrow morning?

Oatmeal Yogurt Cookies

Photo courtesy of Fit2Flex
Some people love oatmeal raisin and some people can't stand it. I'm one of the former. I saw this recipe and didn't know you could substitute Greek yogurt for eggs. Apparently, Carissa of Fit2Flex just shows you that you can. This recipe has no butter, no oil, and no eggs. The only real fat coming from this recipe is from your yogurt and almond milk. That sounds good to me!

Clean Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

Photo courtesy of Little b's healthy habits
It's probably not every day you hear "clean" and "cookie dough" in the same sentence, but here they are in the same dessert. Brittany of Little b's healthy habits gives you this recipe for treating yourself to a bowl of delicious vegan cookie dough sans gluten. Did I mention this was made with peanut butter and you're getting some protein in? Dig in--and don't bother with a spoon, Brittany says.

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