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Thursday Treats 9.20.12

Posted Sep 20 2012 1:00am
Since I moved to New Orleans my tastes have (not surprisingly) changed. The twist is, however, that I didn't start gorging on fried seafood and pralines, which was probably what was expected of me. Because I'm now living on my own and therefore in charge of everything in my pantry and refrigerator I've been experimenting with not having any insanely sugary and calorie-dense foods. Last week I tortured myself and excluded all chocolate from the list of recipes. It's always important to me to find stuff that'll settle down my raging sweet tooth. Most of the time I reach for something so obviously sweet (ie: chocolate) but seeing all those fruit (and even vegetable) dessert recipes were inspiring. This week, however, is a different story. Here are some decadent healthy desserts that are chocolate all the way down to their cores. Welcome to Thursday Treats.

Photo courtesy of A Doctor in the House
Yeah, I said it. Chocolate cupcakes, courtesy of Andrea of A Doctor in the House . There's a secret ingredient in these, though, that makes them better for you than regular chocolate cupcakes. Avocado. Give them a shot, and definitely do not forget to whip up the frosting for an extra decadent experience.

Photo courtesy of Ari's Menu
I mean, chocolate cookies are amazing on their own. Adding "lava" and an orange glaze to an already orange-scented cookie is just straight up magical. Ari, of Ari's Menu , uses honey apple butter in this recipe. Can you seriously add more delicious things?Photo courtesy of Colourful Palate
Speaking of magical things, remember that chocolate sauce you'd pour over your ice cream as a kid that hardened? Remember how fun it was but then you realized it was so bad for you? Charissa of Colourful Palate has developed a healthy version to go along with your ice cream cravings.Photo courtesy of Clean Food Creative Fitness
If you haven't saved a recipe like this yet, start with this one. How many times have you fallen in love with a healthy and delicious nutrition bar but hate having to pay about $4 a pop? Danielle from Clean Food Creative Fitness has you covered with these homemade chocolate chip gluten-free Z bars.Photo courtesy of Peanut Butter Fingers
Don't be fooled by the name or by the mysteriously dark glop in the bowl. Almost anything mixed with avocado and churned will yield something very smooth, and in this case, when mixed with dark chocolate, it's an easy and rich dessert. Pat Julie from PB Fingers on the back for this recipe.

Gooey Garbanzo Brownies

Photo courtesy of Mommy Run Fast
I've heard of black bean brownies. I've heard of zucchini brownies. But, garbanzo or chickpea brownies were not commonly heard baked goods. Laura of Mommy Run Fast shares her extremely decadent and very chocolatey dessert. Did I mention it's vegan and gluten-free?

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