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Three Simple Keys to Balanced Health and Healing

Posted Jun 30 2008 8:33pm
What role do you think a “balanced healthy diet” plays in overall health and healing? 

In our last posting, we agreed that your healthy cooking for one starts with a healthy attitude about self value.  Today’s posting takes the next step and talks about one way that a balanced healthy diet contributes to overall balanced health and healing.

So many folks seem to look for the “easy immediate” cure… the “silver bullet” approach to health and healing. 

Well I’m not sure that silver bullet exists. 

I truly believe that balanced health and healing has more to do with consistently choosing balanced healthy lifestyles. 

Because folks seem to want a “simplified” way to look at this, and after much thought, I decided to mention 3 things that give us a huge “bang for our buck” in terms of simplicity and payback.

Let’s look at 3 core areas:

1. Our Air – What we breathe includes several environmental issues.  Control what we can in terms of the air we breathe, the toxins we come in contact with, etc.  Remember that most perfumes and scented products that we use on ourselves and in our environment contribute to the overall toxic load our body/immune system must deal with.

2. Our Food – What we eat and drink, includes the food we prepare and consume.  Control the kinds of things we eat, how they are grown, processed, and how we prepare them for our final consumption.  Remember that chemicals and additives in our foods contribute to the overall toxic load our body/immune system must deal with.

3. Our Skin – This includes products and things our skin comes in contact with during the course of a normal day, as well as the stuff we knowingly slather all over ourselves.  Remember that the skin is the body’s largest organ of elimination.  Toxins in our food and water, as well as in the air we breathe, must be dealt with and eliminated on a constant basis.  One of the main avenues of elimination is our skin.  And we tend to gunk up the works by smearing all kinds of gooey, chemical-laden products on our skin.

So how does all this relate to Your Healthy Cooking For One blog? 

See number 2 above? 

What we choose to put in our bodies affects every living cell that we own.  On a cellular level, the body knows what to do with the good stuff we put into our machine.  When it’s healthy, it also knows how to deal with and rid itself of the bad stuff.  The goal is to maximize the good stuff and minimize the bad stuff…

Look at it this way:  Control what we can because there’s enough bad stuff out there that we CAN’T control…

If we keep our body’s total overall toxic load minimized by controlling what we can, our body more efficiently deals with much of the bad stuff – naturally!

When our body’s total overall toxic load is low, our immune system has a fighting chance – quite literally – to maintain or return to balanced health and healing.

So enough preaching… how’s this relate to our topic of “Your Healthy Cooking For One”?

Once again, it’s not glitzy. 

It’s about balanced lifestyle choices.

It’s about consistent healthy habits.

It’s about making healthy cooking part of our every-day world. 

And because we cook for the most important person in our world (that’s us), we’re encouraging to give our body/immune system a fighting chance by

1. Using organic foods whenever possible. Why?  Control as many chemicals and toxins due to “growing” and “preparing” as we can. 

2. Wash fruits and vegetables before consumption.  Why? Control as many chemicals and toxins related to growing, shipping, and handling as we can.

3. Cook with fresh ingredients as much as possible.  Why?  Control as many chemicals and toxins related to processing, preparation, and preservatives (to enhance shelf life) as we can.

4. Minimize use of microwave.  Why? Control as many chemicals and toxic byproducts as we can.

5. Eliminate processed sugars.  Why? Control as many chemicals and toxins as we can.  Sugar is harsh on our immune system.

Balanced healthy cooking and eating habits are really just a matter of healthy life choices:

1. When you shop, look for organic products; be a label reader; become aware of ingredients.  A good rule of thumb: if you can’t pronounce it, you probably don’t want to eat it!  Notice how many food products use sugar as a cheap “filler” and other chemicals to mask or enhance flavors.

2. When cooking, use stove-top, oven, and broiler.  Balance your meals with plenty of raw, fresh, organic foods.  A little planning ahead, and you can kick out a healthy balanced meal in 30-60 minutes depending on your choices.

3. Use naturally sweet products to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours… fruit, fruit juice, agave, honey, rice syrup (to name a few) are each sweet with a slightly different flavor.

At this point, I’m sure you get the simple message: Avoid processed and chemical/preservative-laden foods and choose organic natural ingredients for Your Healthy Cooking For One! 

We want to hear from you!  What do you think?

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