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This is breakfast?

Posted Mar 12 2013 9:30am

Why, yes. Anything can be breakfast. And if you are breakfast resistant like I can be sometimes, why not just eat what you feel like eating instead of forcing yourself to eat a traditional breakfast food, or worse, avoiding the whole breakfast thing. Eating a good breakfast is really important, and I know that, so when the cereal/fruit thing doesn't appeal to me, I eat something that may be weird, but as long as it's nourishing and appealing, then why not? If I want broccoli and Shan tofu over rice with a spritz of sriracha, that's what I have. I can't tell you how often I crave broccoli in the morning, but we always have a big bag of it in the fridge so I can accommodate my desire. Sometimes oatmeal just seems gross and broccoli sounds delicious.

When I saw a pudla post on Cakemaker to the Stars, I thought I was too lazy to make these delicious savory pancakes for breakfast, even though she insists the pancakes are for lazy people. Yes, I love chickpea flour pancakes in any form and in any language — socca, besan jo chillo, pudla, cecina — but like I said, I'm resistant to cooking in the morning. Morning is when I'm most likely to use the microwave. But, I just happened to have a bag of shredded cabbage, sliced radishes and green onions leftover from the previous night's salad, so mixing chickpea flour and water with some already prepared veggies and spreading the batter on a griddle seemed doable even for me. It was so good I made some the next day, too.

If I'm in the mood for a more "breakfasty" meal, I might go with Bob's Red Mill creamy buckwheat cereal, cooked with raisins and sprinkled with cinnamon, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and frozen cherries — or whatever fruit appeals to me at the moment. Sometimes the fruit might be kalamata olives.  Creamy buckwheat cereal has been my standby breakfast for much of the winter.

I didn't photograph yesterday morning's breakfast — leftover jicama, cabbage, radish and satsuma salad. What do your typical, or more unusual breakfasts look like?


Miss E and her little brother

Everyone wants to be part of the new baby team — especially when it involves lying in front of the new gas fireplace!
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