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Things I will never understand

Posted Nov 07 2013 9:01am

Thank you all for your kind words in yesterdays post , it’s amazing how so many of you could relate. I am happy we have all found the better side and that we have this lovely little blog community for support.

Yesterday one of my fave bloggers posted a list of things she doesn’t understand and I loved the idea and wanted to do the same.

Why men always ask women how long to microwave something for. Your guess is as good as mine

When people decided that they didn’t need to use blinkers anymore….really people!?

The camo style..just no!

Footie pajamas for adults. Doesn’t this make going to the bathroom in the middle of the night extremely difficult?

People who don’t like animals, how can you not like something thats so cute and fluffy and all they want to do is love you?

Why weekends can’t be longer

Why I have to wait until January to watch Downton Abbey and why they keep killing people off.

Why the new episodes of Modern Family aren’t on free on Demand

Why some people use facebook to complain about EVERYTHING.


Why I haven’t won the lottery yet

bitstrips, there is nothing funny about these things

Why the weather can’t make up its mind

Why we always say “Really?” after someone tells us something. Obviously they are telling us the truth otherwise they wouldn’t have told us this.

Why I can’t wear workout clothes to work

Why I have to take a shower every day, seriously though

Why people make the effort to go to the gym but then do NOTHING while they are there

whats something you will never understand?

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