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Things I Did. Stuff I Ate.

Posted Oct 08 2010 4:41pm
What if this blog post title was actually the name of my blog? Things I Did. Stuff I Ate.

It would probably be more fitting, because isn't that really what this blog is about when you get right down to it?

Yet, somehow, I can't see that on a business card. Yes, I just got new business cards!* They are shiny!

*My blog is not a business, but it is a perfect way to give out your contact info when you meet people. :)

Anyways, this week I could feel your telepathic pleas through the blogosphere, begging for me to tell you what I was going, what I was eating, and not just showing you random pictures of nut butter and recipes I made last Saturday.

So, I have decided to give you what you clearly, so desperately desire: Things I Did. Stuff I Ate.
First...Things I Did:*
*which will quickly, without warning, meld with and then transition into Stuff I Ate

Monday: Work. Meeting. Gym. Dinner. Gossip Girl. Sleep.
Tuesday: Work. Meeting. Gym. Literacy Night @ School. Dinner. Glee. Sleep.
Wednesday: Work. Meeting. Gym. Dinner. Half of Top Chef: Just Desserts because I was too tired to finish the whole thing. Sleep.

Providing some excitement into a relatively routine week....meeting Jen and Teddy at Apothecary for "satellite Book Club" on Thursday. A miniature chalkboard on the door is always a good sign.
As is a menu featuring cured meat* (charcuterie if you're being fancy schmancy) and cheese plates....
*you know I'm a sucker for cured meat
(Sorry to disappoint you after that excitement...but no, I didn't order one.) We took advantage of Happy Hour prices and ordered this delicious wine to split amongst the three of us...
...which we chose because 1) it was Spanish, and 2) it was cheap. :)

Teddy ordered Gorgonzola Spinach & Artichoke Dip. (It was a little oily, but tasty over all. I loved the tang that the Gorgonzola added, but I only had a few nibbles....)
Jen went for the Gorgonzola and Peach Crostini. I did not eat that. So we're not officially into the Stuff I Ate category yet. Just in case you are trying to follow the very loose organizational structure of the post.

Other Things I Did include gathering fall Harvest-and-Halloween cooking inspiration from two Food Network-related magazines.... ...going to Sprouts at 8:30 on Wednesday night to try and find another $1.99 watermelon while they were still on sale. (Sadly, there were no more to be found. I should have taken two when they were plentiful last seen in the photo above.)

I also drank a large mug of coffee every morning and wished I had another one as soon as it was finished. [This was a re-enacted photo. It's dark when I drive to work.]
(Apparently, another thing I did was also become a scary-gas-mask-wearing robot of the future. Do you see it?)

I almost ate my first Larabar .
We stared at each other for awhile, and then I decided I wasn't actually hungry. So I tucked her away for another day.

Something I did eat? [Cue the Stuff I Ate portion of the post...]

This entire jar of peanut butter. In four days.
Yeah. It's all gone. But it was delicious! I had never had it before, but this "light roasted" and unsalted peanut butter has a really subtle, but perfectly peanutty flavor. Hence, I couldn't stop eating it. Granted, I put a good 3-4 Tablespoons into my newest creation--Peanut Butter & Honey Banana Bread--but still.
Yes, I said Peanut Butter & Honey Banana Bread. I went there. And it was amazing.

Other Stuff I Ate?

Overnight Oats, of course! (But only TWICE this week...I know...crazy...)
peaches, dried apples, goji berries, pecan
peaches, goji berries, pecan, and Crofter's Superfruit Asia preserves

What did I eat the other three breakfasts of the week? Old fashioned CFYs of course!

(So much more exciting when it's mixed in a jar!)
One day it looked like this, instead. :)
I was slightly creative in the beginning of the week...using a LunchDeal for Spicy Pickle to pick up two salads to take in for lunch.
I got the Forest Salad with spinach, toasted hazelnuts, sundried tomatoes, sauteed portobellos, and grilled onions (and added diced apples and roasted red peppers)... well as a Greek Salad to which I added their signature "spicy pickles," sundried tomatoes, and cucumbers. The other days I was much less exciting....standard chopped and seasoned veggies....
Let us please pause to take a moment to recognize that what I prep at home looks just as good---if not more awesome---that what I bought at the restaurant.

And. Unpause.

...with my typical cottage-cheese-and-hummus. (Although this was Sweet Potato Hummus , so that was extra special.)
There was also generally some sort of whole grain product, although I use that term in a loose sense because one day it was popcorn and the other it was bag of Sun Chips I unearthed from my snack drawer.
At some point, I ate the last of the Watermelon Gazpacho .
I'm not sure when. But it's gone now.

And an excessive amount of black grapes. [GIANT ones.]
black grape season = sweet grape heaven

And some other stuff. (Remember? Whole. Jar. Of. Peanut Butter.)

So that's what you missed when I was publishing pre-fab (and fabulous!) posts. Are you sure you really want the daily recaps? ;)
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