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Thieves Oil: The Super-Oil

Posted Aug 11 2013 10:14pm
This post contains affiliate links or something of the sort. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Thieves Oil was the deciding factor in helping me determine which essential oil company I wanted to use and recommend. There are a lot of good companies out there, and I’m not really interested in debating the merits of one over the other, but for me personally, Thieves Oil was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

Young Living’s Thieves Oil is a blend of several different essential oils:

  • cinnamon bark
  • clove
  • rosemary
  • lemon, and
  • eucalyptus.

One thing I love about Thieves Oil is its curious history: it was developed based on the story of four thieves who formulated this blend of herbs to protect them in their grave-robbing pursuits during the time of the Black Plague. The details are a little shady, but the story – and variations of the formula – has survived for several centuries. Cookbooks in the 1800s included recipes for “ thieves vinegar “, and offered instructions for its use in sick or damp conditions.

When I was first learning and reading about essential oils, by far the most frequently mentioned – and praised – oil was Thieves Oil. Although I’m sure every oil company has their own variation of this formula, over and over again I saw testimonials specifically recommending Young Living’s version, and in the end that was what persuaded me to try Young Living essential oils for myself.

You can read more about Thieves Oil here .

The primary benefit of Thieves Oil lies in its capability to assist your immune system in fighting off disease. The oils used in this blend have displayed anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties (read about this particular study on the anti-bacterial properties of various essential oils f or more information). Young Living’s Thieves Oil itself underwent some testing and proved itself by seriously reducing a variety of airborne bacteria .

Of course, there is nothing in this world that will guarantee you will never get sick! But of course, you still do what you can to prevent illness from occurring: washing hands with soap and water and dressing appropriately for the weather, for example. Thieves Oil will add an extra layer of protection, especially during occasions when you know you have encountered germs of one kind or another.

There are some people who don’t walk outside their door without Thieves Oil religiously applied. I’m not that religious about anything except my religion! However, I do always make sure I have plenty of Thieves Oil on hand because I never know when I will need it:

  • When someone in my house gets sick, I apply Thieves Oil to them and everybody else. It seems to help them heal faster, and it helps the rest of us either avoid illness or experience a lighter version.
  • I keep a spray bottle with diluted Thieves Oil in it, and spray down all the often-handled surfaces in our home (light switches, door knobs, etc.) whenever sickness is going around or after we have a lot of guests over.
  • I like to apply Thieves Oil when we go somewhere where we might encounter a lot of germs – in public transportation, for example, or to the doctors’ office.
  • Thieves Oil is also one of the oils I use in my bug spray recipe .

There are so many different ways to enjoy the benefits of Thieves Oil:

  • diffused in the air either through a diffuser or simply simmered on the stove top in some water
  • diluted in water and sprayed on surfaces
  • diluted in oil and applied to the skin (usually on the feet, as that helps it get to the bloodstream rather quickly)
  • internally via a capsule (I’ve never actually tried this, but it’s a viable option.)

I should point out that Thieves Oil is a very “hot” oil, meaning it must be diluted! This is not something to use lightly, but with a certain amount of respect. Adults should dilute at a ratio of at least 1 drop of Thieves Oil to 4 drops of oil, and for children, I would double the amount of oil.

My favorite part about Thieves Oil? The fragrance! It’s heady and spicy and delicious. I don’t really like light, flowery smells so much, but neither do I like the really deep smells like sandalwood or patchouli. Thieves Oil is somewhere in between, and the fragrance evokes feelings of home and comfort to me, with a hit of energizing spice to finish it off!

You can try Young Living’s Thieves Oil for yourself ! Distributors get 25% off Young Living oils, plus you can earn free products (woot! Gotta love free!), so that’s a significantly better deal than simply registering as a customer. (Plus, you only commit to a $50 purchase every year to maintain distributor status. No selling involved!)

This week, I am giving away one bottle of Thieves Oil… plus a whole host of other oils and a humidifier to go with them! Enter the giveaway here .

I should mention that I’m not a doctor or a nurse or certified to be a medical expert in any way. Plus also, the FDA hasn’t approved Thieves Oil or any essential oil for medicinal use… as if we needed their approval. Just know that you need to be responsible and do your own research and don’t use any oil just cuz I said you should. Seriously. Because it’s not my fault if you don’t use it right and/or it doesn’t work for you. K?, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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