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They call me mellow yellow, quite rightly.

Posted Dec 28 2009 12:00am

They call me mellow yellow.

(He’s She’s so mellow, he’s She’s so yellow.) 

Electrical banana,
Is gonna be a sudden craze.
Electrical banana,
Is bound to be the very next phase.

Electrical Banana

Mighty Maple Mug Here’s my electrical banana. Within this mug lay one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. Simple, yet extraordinary. Cream of Wheat + Xagave + Banana + My first blob of Mighty Maple PB = a ridiculous picture of me sticking my face into a mug, trying to lick it clean.

A few days ago, I received a package from  Xagave . Premium Raw Agave Nectar w/ Calcium!! As one who lacks in the calcium department, I was more than thrilled to see this bonus… that, and the fact that Xagave is local! They also sent me an awesome little cookbook.


Last night, I made one of my most favorite meals of couscous and LOTS of veggies (on a mellow yellow plate).

Couscous w. Zucchini, Red Onion, Brussels Sprouts, Corn, Kidney Beans, & Parmesan.

I’m sure you have noticed by now that I love grains + veggies + beans for dinner. It’s just a killer combo to me.  Aside from taste, I love it because: bulk bin grains are very inexpensive, both fresh & frozen veggies can be utilized, very easy/quick, & it’s nutritious!

Moving on to something a little more mellow…

Two new yellow additions to my wardrobe. Yellow is my absolute favorite color, mustard being tops… But I don’t discriminate, for even neon yellow has its place in my closet.

Tonight, I will be off to Arizona to visit my family & friends. I’m quite excited, especially because I will get to go to TRADER JOE’S. I used to be in there twice a week, so this trip is long over due.  I should be able to blog while I’m there, but if not, I promise to make up for it.

Have a Marvelous Monday!

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