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There is not one or two, tens of thousands of years

Posted Apr 11 2013 7:09am
There is not one or two, tens of thousands of years of conquest down, still have one or two tough guys 'blanket of darkness' is to find ways to deal with these guys. "Waiting for him a free hand to them, even you Doom, you need not believe in me, waiting for doomsday. "" If I believe you, I was able to get what the specific benefits? "has been silent the sunglass suddenly asked the Giants gave him a deep one, turn over palm facing upward, a red fireworks in its on-shrouded open this flame cold temperature, dying freeze, and finally turned into a strange character. "Advent is a green fire force, by virtue of your understanding of fire can not refining his, no matter what you have clever Famennian are not able to, only my door 'refining fire of the law' to be able to his strength full refining, I now bestow upon you, dare to try on your own. "giant that character flexor of a bomb, longitudinal grazing sunglass palm, the suspension is not falling." look out for themselves here, you can not hide for long. "giant sharp vision Ruoyouruowu, Zhangshenerqi, swept the "Serena", the latter suddenly shudder, as if by a snake stared live rabbit. "Goodbye, till we meet again." giant palm hold, the sky suddenly torn off from the foot of the Golden Compass, bursting out of ten thousand golden, the whole person is like a fire red Changhong, instant disappear until after the Giants away talent breathed illusion of sky resumed unabated Red Boy come. "boss, this guy is so terrible, ah, come and go in your fantasy world, afraid of can not believe it." red boy fake oakley sunglasses patted small breasts, some in shock. fake oakleys"ah, ah, look at my eyes when he left just as true to its word, like loss of fellow eyes see the beauty, that's terrible, I feel naked, the body he looked transparent, and there is no secret at all. "Serena" fearful, For Compass eyes Ares parting YouZi lingering fear. red boy was Coushang to come, some wacky looked up and down, "Serena said:" Your light body also worth nothing ah. "Serena" suddenly anger soaring red boy's neck, one grabbed growl: "metaphor, which is a metaphor, you know what?" sunglass Staring hands suspended the That one red Fireworks character, condensate course, without a word. "Boy, this guy is not reliable, not the letter. soon as the dragon's roar coming from the earth into a shadow wind generally red from the" Yin "sullen went to the sunglass the front. "darn guy, but I still can not fully 'yang' forces fusion, a blessing was he so presumptuous." the the red boy but shook his head to the side: "Not necessarily, overcast, Your strength is now regarded as a strong, original Fu Huang have conveniently weapon, but you do not, than you will naturally be a disadvantage. "the darn thing, actually I played so miserable, I refuses to accept. "is the sound of the burst of explosion drink into the ocean, a large water liquid boiling and open, like a lion brawny Feizong from the water into the sky, body annoyed random chatter, as if the flames chaos buffeting, everywhere to find, as the compass Ares sight. "how do you
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