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@thebadmom  @Kristi I never

Posted Jan 25 2013 7:03pm
@thebadmom   @Kristi I never said "taking care" of oneself was the same as "looking pretty".  You don't get to put words in my mouth.  What I said was that how you present yourself matters,. and it does.  That's reality and we live in it.  I also said that there's nothing wrong with peanut butter face or sweats...I own them myself.  However, there's also no reason to celebrate laziness and encourage anyone to not even bother to wash their face all day...which DOES actually equate to personal care being the same as looking pretty, by the way. Greasy, uncared for anything is gross, not to mention bone lazy.  I have four children, so I understand that some days it just ain't gonna happen. However, for women to use that as an excuse to no longer care about themselves, not take time for themselves, and to just let themselves go on a regular basis, isn't "beauty is as beauty does".   It's an excuse...with all due respect.
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