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The start to a 20 something epicurean!

Posted Jan 26 2011 12:00am
I am 27 years old and I have a huge passion for good food and good wine. The problem lies, as I am sure you will find out, I was never the best cook growing up. I come from a family of Irish and German descent and when you’re talking about our families cooking… that meant non-seasoned chicken, jar'ed spaghetti sauce and beer, beer, beer. Both families stuck pretty close to the basics when it came to dinner time. My mother and grandmother, although excellent teachers, were never really “master chefs” when it came to the kitchen so my curiosity came sometime after college when I would have a homemade meal visiting a friends house or going out to a restaurant and pondering who it was that thought goat cheese, beats and arugula would be a perfect taste pairing....cause they were right on. My family is my life, however, cooking is a family tradition I wish to embrace gently and adjoin my own added flair, spice and enthusiasm to create great dishes to share with my loved ones.
Since graduating college to now settling into my mid to late 20′s have I realized my true love of food, and even more recently my love for cooking. Yay ya there are a million cooking website and over two million blogs out there about cooking but I have yet to come across something that spoke just to me, and I really mean me. The 20-something year old that wants to make more of her cooking skills with simple easy recipes without a list of high priced ingredients, the inaccessibility of owning everything in the pampered chef catalog, and not having 100 people to cook for seeing as how I am not at the age of hosting holidays, dinner parties and fancy get together's. I am merely a passionate epicurean determined to share what I already know as well as what I am going to learn along the way about all different styles and flavors of exquisite dishes.
I have just recently moved in with my boyfriend and been cooking much more to feed my growing passion and of course his growing appetite . Paul comes from an Italian family so you know what that means… meatballs and gravy are in his blood. He learned to cook at a very young age and is actually very good at throwing together a few things here and there and suddenly he's created a very tasty dish. His mother lives down south so when I moved in, I came across tons of her southern recipes, although not always light in the waist-line, they were full in delicious comforty goodness. Paul is also a lover of sweets and spices, as I believe every man is. He will take my old style plain broiled chicken, add some zing, zang and before you knew it you were eating a delicious wrap.  Cooking with spices for Paul has made me venture out into different flavors so much so that I was able to start a small garden on our deck. I love having fresh spices, tomatoes and jalapenos on hand for adding to dishes and, of course, making our newly famous homemade salsa. yumm!
What I want to contribute to us everyday cooks is that it doesn’t take much but a love for food, flavors and fun to make great dishes that you can feel good about and brag to your friends that you brought something outstanding to the table. This is what I have been aspiring to do every day, and believe me, i have messed up and ruined more dishes that i can imagine… but that’s how you learn and get better. More importantly, I want people of my age to hear about what you can do in a simple kitchen with just a few ingredients while still making an impression with your serving and have people begging for the recipe. At 27 years old you do not have many large events that you are hosting or attending to be able to venture out and make huge gourmet meals but what I was always taught, you have to start somewhere.So for you twenty something’s that want to wow your friends and family at a bridal/ baby shower, 4th of July picnic’s, Sunday football games at the house, and all places that you are most likely going to bring a dish or treat to add to the party fun, read along. These dishes don’t require anything but a passion for spicy sweet fun!I will be sharing the simplistic, fun and tasty way to whip up new recipes that people will enjoy and something you can be proud of serving to even your most prestigious guestSo…….Enjoy
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