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The Snow That Wasn’t!…

Posted Mar 07 2013 6:37am

Hi there!  Happy Thursday to you!  As you can probably tell from the heading of today’s post, the snow never happened! We didn’t even get a measly snowflake.  It rained off and on throughout the entire day.  The snow was a complete bust!  I think that was our absolute last chance of a snowstorm.  Sadly, I guess this will be another winter with no snow.  I’m not liking that.  Did you end up getting snow last night?   I was hoping, wishing and praying that there would be so much snow that we wouldn’t have to go into work today or tomorrow.  Boy, was I completely wrong!  I was looking forward to getting snowed in for a few days.  I really wish that would have happened.  Oh well.  ;)

So yesterday at work it was a very stressful day.  I have been doing a lot of thinking career and work wise.  I had my review yesterday and it was interesting.  I did very well but I finally stood up for myself and talked about how I feel, etc. for the first time in almost six and half years.  I was really proud of myself for finally doing what I should have done a long time ago.  I think it really is possible to get that dream job and I won’t stop until I find it.  What is your dream job?  For the longest time,  I wanted to be a news anchor.  I went to college for it and I actually anchored the news at my school for a while.  I loved it.  I hated the part where I needed to edit video but I did actually strive in it.  I think I was somewhat confident in my editing abilities but my passion lied in front of the camera.  I guess part of me is still somewhat interested but my feelings have changed.

I started getting more into event planning and got my certification.  The class was hard and a lot of work.  I spent long hours sitting in front of my computer after coming home from work, studying and doing homework assignments and taking tests.  I was so proud of myself when I finally got my certification.  My passion truly lies in planning events.  I’ve also gotten into public relations and social media.  I love all three of those things and I think that is where my heart and my passion truly lies.  It would be my dream to one day be able to do all three of those things and make a good living, and be happy everyday.

I think the ultimate goal for everyone if I am speaking in general terms here is that they want to be happy with their career everyday.  You want to be happy going to work everyday.  You want to feel like you are being heard and making a difference.

Although, this day in age, it’s difficult because of the money situation and the way that the cost of living is so high and keeps going up.  I think that is what everyone ultimately strives for is to be happy.  That is what I strive for.  It was a very stressful day at work and I couldn’t wait to get home.

We had our leftovers for dinner from the previous night which made dinner easy to throw together.  Then we were off to the accountant!  I was nervous for that too.  I thought my day was going to end up getting worse but actually it went surprisingly well.  I’m really happy about that!

I apologize for being so deep today.  I just wanted to pour my heart out and talk about how my day was yesterday and about being happy.  I promise I’ll be more light-hearted tomorrow with Fun Finds Friday.  If you have any finds you want to me feature email me or leave a comment below.

Have a great Thursday!

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