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The search for a clean coffee creamer!

Posted Feb 17 2011 9:01am
Since I decided to go clean on February 7th 2011 I have looking for a clean coffee creamer. This is no easy task! I have searched high and low, read many, many labels and tried a couple different options. While it is tough to find something that compares to the creamy goodness of Coffee-mate's flavored creamers, I think I have found something that is close! This past week I did a bit of research and found that Silk - one of the brands that makes soy milk also has a creamer. The ingredients are all natural and it comes in a couple of flavors. I went to the  Silk Soy Milk Website  and I found that the creamer is sold in only 2 stores in my area. So I ventured out and got some in French Vanilla. While it is a bit thinner than regular coffee creamer it does the job and tastes great too! The best part is it is only 1 Weight Watcher's Points Plus value per tablespoon.  The only down side I have found is that the store near me only has it in pints - and I drink way more coffee than that in a week!

I also tried the Silk Almond Milk in Dark Chocolate to see if it would be a option. This is much thinner than creamer so you have to use a lot more to taste the flavor in your coffee. While I prefer the Soy Creamer the Almond Milk is a good option for those of you who don't have the creamer available in your area.

In case you didn't know Silk Soy Milk is made from Non-Genetically Modified Soy Beans so no super-beans in this stuff! Just super taste!
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