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The Scoop on Salt

Posted by Lela D.

Sometimes life doesn't seem fair. I am a huge fan of salt. Salty snacks like chips, smoked almonds, and popcorn are my weakness. Not only does the good stuff raise blood pressure, but a new study says that salty food actually makes you eat more! No wonder no one can eat just one. That's great news for food manufacturers, but not so good for you. While you can control sprinkling on the salt from the shaker, that's not where you're most likely getting the bulk of your sodium. Prepared foods are sneaky. They can be packed with sodium without even tasting salty. And watch out for that healthy lean turkey breast you're so dutifully eating on a rice cake. Lunch meats are packed with salt. Do yourself a favor and start reading those nutrition labels. You just might be surprised!
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I know what you mean. Although my blood pressure is low so theoretically i can eat all the salt in the world...I bloat like a cactus...not funny at all! Lately i've started using low-sodium salt for salads and such and avoid everything canned or pre-packed. unfortunately i love pickles and they are loaded wt salt :(
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