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The Physique Formula Cookbooks

Posted Jul 26 2008 10:03am
The Physique Formula Cookbooks

Today I interviewed Adam Mazer, the nutritionist who designed
The Physique Formula bonus cookbooks, Surefire Smoothies and
Cheap Cutting Meals. Check out the last part where I grill
Adam to give us 4 of his best nutrition tricks to have a better diet

Q: You designed The Physique Formula bonus cookbook, Surefire
Smoothies, to include protein with every meal. A lot of people
have a hard time eating multiple protein meals per day. So why
should people have either protein and healthy fats or protein and
good carbs with each meal?

1. The reason I designed the Surefire Smoothie Cookbook to include
protein in every smoothie but only have certain smoothies
containing carbs and others with healthy fats is for few reasons.

I wanted the variety factor for those who consistently follow a
lower fat diet but still give them a treat to fit in their diet
plan and so they continue to get leaner.

I included protein with good carbs for those who need more carbs,
to give them a treat and allow them to stay on their diet plan.

The main thing to me is many smoothies just have too many simple
sugars and I wanted people to be able to still get good quality
nutrition and they'll find that in The Physique Formula Surefire
Smoothies cookbook.

(Note: The Surefire Smoothie Cookbook includes 52 smoothies that
can all be prepared in 3 minutes or less.)

Q: You include a lot of fiber in your meals in the second Physique
Formula cookbook, Cheap Cutting Meals. Why?

I feel fiber is important to overall health and the digestive
tract. Even if you are trying to put muscle on your body, you
still need fiber since it is important to keep our GI tracts
healthy and prevent constipation.

It might keep you full a little
longer but as you get leaner and speed up your metabolism, your
appetite should increase and you should be eating more often. Most
of us who take in too many calories trying to build muscle put on
unwanted bodyfat unless we have a super fast metabolism.

(Note: The Cheap Cutting Meals Cookbook includes over 40 meal
options that can all be prepared for under $12 and
with little time.)

The idea is to put on muscle but get leaner.

Q: Give us 4 tricks that someone can use right now to fix their
diet and have a better nutrition program.

Trick 1. The first thing I always tell people is to stay away
from liquid calories other than good quality smoothies listed in
the Surefire Size Smoothie Cookbook.
I do not recommend liquid calories from fruits drinks or sodas.
Get rid of them.

Trick 2. Use high reps and heavy weights like in The Physique
Formula workouts to turn on your metabolism and build muscle,
which will further increase your metabolism.

Trick 3. If you are hungry eat, even if it is late at night.
Try to have a high protein, healthy fat meal
with little,if no,carbs.

Trick 4. Rotate carbohydrate, protein and fat intake. This allows
you to have more energy on the days you workout hard. Plus on
days that you may be inactive, you won't store fat.


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