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The Past Seven Months

Posted Dec 20 2012 10:10pm


Yes, it’s me- your long-lost food-blogger-turned-nursing-student.  SO much has happened since I last posted that I don’t even know where to begin…I think I’ll compile a nice list of the highlights.

1.   I completed my first semester of nursing school. 

The first semester started off as what I expected it to be.  It was good that I had mentally prepared myself for what I was about to go through, but towards the end, no amount of mental mantras could save anyone.  It was a lot of work and a lot of stress, but I made it through with great grades and successful skills check-offs.

What’s a skills check-off, you ask?

Let’s just say I spent more time practicing for them with set-ups like the above than I would like to admit.  Glad that part’s over.

I’ve made some great friends in my program, which has been a huge blessing.  It makes it a lot more fun and much easier to handle all the stress when you have friends to help you through it.

2.  I went to Lake Martin, AL for summer vacation. 

Just me, my sister, her boyfriend, my dad, my Uncle Morgan, his son, Steele…OK, so basically everyone but poor Corey who had to work…and the newly revamped Hurricane to help us navigate the waters.

3.  We visited our friends Austin and Laura in Clearwater, FL. 

Austin now lives near Bradenton, FL, where he started medical school.  Laura’s family lives in Clearwater, so Corey and I went to visit them to celebrate Laura’s birthday in September.

4.  I’m no longer a blonde. 

Not sure if this counts as a major “highlight” (no pun intended), but it was a pretty big deal, seeing that I’ve been a platinum blonde since the 7th grade.

It’s lightened up a lot, and I really enjoyed the change…but, I’m already plotting my return to the blonde side :) .

5.  We went to a fun 1920′s-themed charity event. 

I don’t think this really counts a highlight either, but the pictures are fun.

6.  We went to Fort Lauderdale to see my very good friends Jamie and Bill get married. 

Jamie was my neighbor growing up, and she and Bill have been together for 10 years.  This was a long-awaited wedding, and it was such a fun night!

7. We had a great Thanksgiving with my mom, sister, and my in-laws.  

8.  We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary!

This year has flown by, that’s for sure.  We’ve decided to follow the “traditional” anniversary gifts, so this year was paper.  And Corey got me the cutest paper ever.

It has the lyrics of our first dance song all around the picture. I got him a map to mark all the places we’ve been, and the places we want to go.

We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Hillstone .

9. We moved. Again. 

I’m thinking of starting a moving company, simply because I am now an expert at moving.  This marked the NINTH time I have moved within the last 6 years. The house we were renting before was sold, so we are back to apartment life.

The plus side?


I have honestly wanted stairs in my house more than anything, since I was at least five-years-old.  I used to make my parents feel so horrible that we didn’t live in a two-story house.  (Sorry about that, Mom and Dad! I finally got ‘em!)

10.  I finished my second semester of nursing school. 

Yep, that’s right. I am officially halfway DONE with nursing school. I can’t believe it. We all thought the first semester was tough…well, we had NO idea what was coming. The second semester was affectionately termed “The Semester From Hell” by everyone in our class.

There’s just no other way to describe it.  But, with A LOT of hard work, constant studying, stress-induced acne, and about a 7-pound weight gain…I made it through.

11. Corey and I celebrated a whirlwind of a year with a trip to Denver, CO. 

As soon as I finished my last final, I packed a suitcase and we were off the next day to beautiful, COLD Colorado!  It was an amazing trip, and I will be telling you allll about it in several posts over the next few days.


I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed my little blog, and I am so happy to be back at it.  I have many great recipes planned, so stay tuned!

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