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The NYE Challenge. It's on.

Posted Dec 03 2012 12:16am

So I’m sitting on the couch with Boding last night (shocker), and he’s reading The Abs Diet. He mentions something about reducing his saturated fat intake, and my ditzy behind asks,  “Wait, so no butter?”

“Uh, yeah, Christina. No butter.”

About 400 things I ate this weekend contained butter. You heard me. Since Friday I’ve consumed three kinds of bread, three different cookies, a croissant, and birthday cake. I realize this does not add up to 400; I tend to exaggerate.

Then Boding mentions how hot he’s going to look for New Years Eve. Excuse me, what? I want to look hot for New Years Eve too!

And then we created the challenge. photo (1)

We are allowed to break the rules, but for each one, we receive a strike. We’ll have a winner and a prize (to be determined). Later that night we recruited two more kids.

The Competitors

Boding  -  “Boding runs the gym and is the king of all men. He can also be found in the wild running shirtless downtown. Despite his Adonis-like looks and physique, he is a tech geek.” (he wrote that! hahahah!) He loves the carbs. donuts

Kaye – This New Yorker brings her city smarts and style to the challenge. She lives her life unfiltered, especially with food and words. She attends the occasional fitness class at Equinox, but gets the majority of her exercise done being sassy with men. Kaye really likes a big beer. kaye

Christina – Currently training for a half marathon, this girl still plays at the gym when she has time. She enjoys burning calories downtown – running around The Battery or tearing up the dance floor. She has little to no self control around sweets of any kind. xtina

Carter – This good looking individual is an active crossfitter, shameless dancer, and thinks he can beat Boding at ping pong. He claims to eat “very few carbs other than vegetables.” When not running through Christina’s mind, he may be found sprinting over the bridge and back. And here he is eating a lot of carbs.

Who do you think will win?

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