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The Big Salad

Posted by Lela D.

We all know that salad is good for us. Veggies have all those good antioxidants and provide the fiber we need to keep everything moving along, so to speak. They're especially delicious now because we've got these amazing spray dressings that add a punch of flavor for Very Few Calories! So why not all salad all the time? Why aren't we eating salad for lunch, dinner and snack? My guess is that it takes some time to prepare a decent salad. There's washing, drying, chopping and assembling - not to mention cleaning up after. Bagged fancy lettuce makes it easier, but there's still no getting around the prep time of a good tasting salad. Here's a tip: make a BIG SALAD. Preparing a salad big enough to get you through several meals is easy. The trick is to keep wet and dry ingredients separate until you're ready to eat. Wash and dry your lettuce (or dump it out of the bags!) and put into a big bowl or plastic container. Next, chop onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, canned artichokes (no oil!), carrots, whatever you like. Put those in a different container. When the mood hits, grab a handful of lettuce and top with a spoon of goodies and spray. Viola! Salad!
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What a great idea! A lot of times I'd have a salad for lunch but it takes almost as much time to make a small salad as it does a large one. Thanks for the tip!
Is to be prepared. And yes, if you get everything together ahead of time, you are much more likely to reach for your salad when the time comes than going through the bother of all that chopping and washing and what have you. I also use this technique when getting a salad at a restaurant. I'll order the larger size with the DOS and take the remainder to go. Sometimes, restaurant salads have that extra punch you can't hit at home, so it's always nice to have something "special" on hand.
The prep time is not a big deal for me since I enjoy being in the kitchen, but I get board after awhile. Also, I can't seem to get full from a salad even though I pile on the veggies. Another good option is a veggie sushi wrap from Safeway. It's not actually sushi, rather veggies wrapped in rice paper.
When I was little, my mom would sometimes put little chopped this and that - olives, pickles, cheese, onions, carrots, what have you - on a lasy Susan. We would find this really appealing, to have our own salad bar at our house! We also would do this with a taco shell and ground Chuck. Sometimes, you have to treat yourself the way you'd want the public to treat you. Also, don't forget to try different lettuces, such as butter, red radicchio, arugula, frisee'.
Great Advice. Thanks Lela.
I'm really trying to abide by my salad advice these days.
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