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The best of animal friends

Posted Feb 08 2012 5:31am

Happy Wednesday!! It is almost the weekend and I am soo excited for this weekend. My birthday/valentine’s day present from my boyfriend is a weekend in Boston so promptly after work on Friday we will be heading to Boston. I haven’t been to Boston in a long time.

On to something random, my cats and my dog. My dog runs the show around here, he is the alpha dog. When we got Gary and Stanley they were scaredy cats and we were so nervous to have them meet. Once they met Henry couldn’t be bothered, the cats wanted to play with him. Now they get along just fine except for at dinner time, Henry can be a little fiesty (I have no idea where he gets that from ;) ).

Gary loves Henry and it is my favorite thing ever. Gary follows him around and tries to play with him all the time and he like to copy Henry. There is this carpet we have that is scratchy and Henry likes to roll around on it, so Gary follows suit. I love it soo much. and I especially love it when I catch them like this

best friends forever

so precious!

Since it’s Wednesday it is also WIAW!

Breakfast: Um I bet you can guess..

Lunch: When my friend was here we went out to Tomato & Basil and I had spinach egg drop soup

and a grilled Veggie Salad

Dinner: I made a quiche with a cornbread crust, it was heavenly! I topped my cornbread with eggwhites, cheese, chicken pesto sausage, spinach and a sauteed onion

I am drooling just thinking about it now..

Hope you’re having a great day!

Did you watch Glee last night!?
I wasn’t a fan of Ricky Martin, and I was pretty excited about him being on the show!

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