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The benefits of having neighbors

Posted Feb 13 2013 9:02am

Back to work today, not going to lie it is very nice to arrive at work and it be Wednesday! You just can’t go wrong with that. However I wouldn’t mind if the roads and parking situation at work and my apartment complex would go back to normal. People showed up to plow on Monday evening and have been working on getting our parking lot back to normal ever since.

Someone informed we we are potentially getting more snow tonight!? Oh joy!

Today when I got back from the gym, one of my new neighbors came running up to me asking to us my phone because she had locked herself out of her apartment. It very easy to do at our apartment complex and I am surprised I haven’t done it yet (well I have but lucky for me Jeff was inside). Luckily her boyfriend was able to turn around and come unlock the door and while she waited for him I let her hang out in our apartment.

It is so nice to have neighbors so close to you. Jeff and I have had the privilege of making some friends in our apartment thanks to Brady, it seems all us dog people flock together. Thanks to having those friends we have people to hang out with during storms, like this past weekend

and in October when Sandy hit .

We watch each others dogs, borrow things and help each other out when we get locked out. I couldn’t even imagine how it would be if we hadn’t met our neighbors!

Over the weekend people were helping each other shovel out their cars which was nice to see that in a time of need people will be their for you!

Are you friends with your neighbors? Have they helped you out before?
I couldn’t imagine living somewhere that you didn’t have neighbors for miles, what happens if you need to borrow an egg, or a cup of sugar?

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