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The 5 Best Items To Buy for a New Baby

Posted May 20 2013 2:42pm
on by healthymama

Sponsored guest post by Sarah Jones

Which items should you buy for a new baby? Having a new baby is a very exciting yet life-changing experience. Of course it is also a time of great stress and anxiety. Feelings of trepidation are common amongst first time mothers and these feelings are intensified by the uncertainty of not knowing what will be required of you once your baby has arrived.  This anxiety translates itself into a shopping frenzy where everything in sight is added to your shopping cart except what is really essential.

However, before you rush off to buy baby stuff , stop, breathe and then make a list. In your list include items that are essential, items that you are likely to receive as gifts and the things that you would like to have but are unnecessary.

Here are my top 5 recommendations for your “essentials list”:

1. Diapers

 Yes, this may sound obvious, but it is usually one of the main items overlooked when shopping for a new baby. Decide on whether you are going to buy disposable diapers or cloth diapers and stock up well in advance.

Even if you will only be using disposable diapers for your baby consider getting some cloth diapers too. They are very useful for spills and spews and for wiping up any unexpected “accidents”. Add wet wipes and ointment to your purchase and you have the most essential items covered.

2. A Baby Backpack Sling

 Although this may not sound like a necessity, consider that you will have many things to do, like prepare food, sort or hang out the laundry and various other household tasks. By keeping your baby close to your body it not only allows you to keep an eye on them, it also soothes them.

Going out to restaurants, the mall or for a walk or a visit becomes so much easier as a Backpack Sling provides manoeuvrability that cannot be obtained when using a stroller.

Most slings are multi-purpose and can be worn front or back allowing you to work effortlessly knowing that your baby is comfortable and safe.


3. Bottles 

Even if you are planning to breastfeed your baby, having a few bottles  for expressed milk is a good idea. Make sure that you are prepared.

4.  A Crib or Bassinet and Sheets

Having a comfortable and safe place for your baby to sleep is essential. Depending on your preferences and desires you may decide to have a baby room or to have your baby sleep in your room. Either way, a designated “baby bed” is required. Consider that your baby will have to be left alone at times and that you want to be sure that they are safe. Also, consider that your baby will grow quickly and that your choice of bed should “grow” with them until you are ready to put them in a larger bed. Bedding should be season appropriate, thus ensuring that your baby is warm or cool enough.


5. A Baby Relief and First Aid Kit

This is an essential item that is sometimes overlooked by first time mothers, yet when an unexpected fever, a new tooth or a bump occurs you are wholly unprepared for it.

Make sure that you stock up on the most basic necessities for your kit (you don’t need a doctor’s bag here) and include:


-       A thermometer

-       An oral syringe for administering medicine

-       A topical  lotion for insect bites and rashes

-       An ointment for cuts and scrapes

-       A nasal aspirator bulb (not a pointy-ended ear syringe)

-       An assortment of adhesive bandage strips in various sizes and shapes

-       Sterile cotton balls


A new baby is a blessing to every family. Worrying about what to buy detracts from the miracle that you are about to experience. Good luck with your new baby!



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