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That Time I Almost Got Trampled On For a Rotisserie Chicken!…

Posted Mar 18 2013 6:46am

Hi there!  Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend.  My weekend was quite busy!  We also had a bad storm that came through the area on Saturday.  I will get to that when I recap Saturday though.  We are supposed to get a storm today.  Nothing is going on now but I believe we are supposed to get 1 to 2 inches of snow and there is going to be a lot of ice.  I don’t mind the snow but ice is when I get very nervous.  I don’t like driving in ice.  I work really far from home too so that makes things difficult when there is going to be inclement weather while I’m there.  I feel like my work might let us leave early if the weather gets too bad.  I guess we will see what happens as the day progresses though.

So on Friday, I picked up Melissa after work and brought her to my house. Then we waited for my dad to arrive.  Melissa, my dad and I hung out for a while talking and catching up on things.  It was nice to have the both at my house.  My dad hasn’t seen my house very many times so it was nice for him to get a chance to come over again.  He realized how cold it really is in our house and couldn’t believe it.  Mike and I have gotten used to the coldness but it’s very shocking for someone who hasn’t felt it that bad.  It definitely sucks.  After hanging out for a while, Mike and I ran to Red Robin to grab dinner.  I was emailed an offer for a free birthday burger so I figured that I might as well take advantage of it!  We only had to pay for Mike’s burger so it made for a cheap dinner.

On Saturday, Mike and I made lots of phone calls to find out the best deal on tires for my car.  My car has been in dire need of tires for the past few months.  Then last week, I had to run and put air in my one tire every other day.  I think I had a slow leak.  I was getting really nervous about it and finally said, that’s it.  I need new tires bad!  So we found a great deal at Sears and went over there to get new tires put on.  It was the perfect day for that because I mentioned earlier, we had bad weather.  There was snow and very bad ice!  We got about an inch of snow and a lot of ice.  The ice made it really bad.

The new tires are perfect and I love them.  It’s such a difference not skidding all over the road in snow and ice.  With my other tires, I would spin.  It was very scary. So now I feel safe with my new tires on.  We saw a few houses on Saturday and they were all very disappointing and gross.  I can’t believe the condition that some people let their house go to.  It’s really awful.  I don’t know how they live like that!!!  After looking at houses, we went to Sam’s Club.  My mother-in-law let us borrow the card for the rotisserie chicken I am now obsessed with.

I didn’t realize how much of a mad house it gets over these chickens!!!!  There was a massive crowd waiting for them to come off the rotisserie.  Mike and I found a place and stood there to wait.  They started putting out the chickens and I literally almost got killed over a chicken.  A woman was trying to rip the chicken out of my hands!  They had a ton of them.  She was SO rude!  I was getting trampled on.  It was bad.  I wanted to grab another one to give to my mom.  So I let the rude woman grab her chicken and I politely waited for my second one.  It was ridiculous!  I have never seen something like that before in my life!!  I guess I can understand though because it is a 3-pound chicken and it’s only $4.88.  That is a deal!

The beloved chicken!

The beloved chicken!

Look how perfectly cooked it is!

Look how perfectly cooked it is!

Once we got home, I went back out and brought my mom the chicken.  Melissa is a vegetarian which is why she doesn’t eat chicken.  My mom was very pleased to see how big it was!  It was huge!!  I hung out there for a little bit and went home.  Mike and I went over to his tennis match.  He didn’t play with his aunt because she was away.  It’s interesting to sit with other tennis players and hear them critique people playing.  It’s quite obnoxious the things that they say.  It took everything within me to not say anything.  They were making comments about Mike’s height, etc..  Mike is 6’5″.  What’s the problem with that?  I just couldn’t believe how people sit there and say things.  I would never do that.  Just watch the match and cheer on your team.  That is it.  Do you play a sport?  Have you ever played a team sport?

Once Mike’s match was over, we went home and had the chicken for dinner.  I also made a Birds Eye Steamfresh side.



On Sunday, I did some things around the house and then Mike and I went over to an open house.  We really loved the house but I just don’t know if it’s in the cards for us right now.  Only time will tell and we shall see.  We then ventured to the supermarket to stock up for the week.

Once we got home, I started on our St. Patrick’s Day dinner!  I made us Shepard’s Pie with ground turkey and homemade mashed potatoes.

Shepard's Pie

Shepard’s Pie

Yummy perfection!

Yummy perfection!


Doesn't photograph well but it tastes amazing!

Doesn’t photograph well but it tastes amazing!

It takes a while to prepare Shepard’s Pie or at least the recipe that I use.  It’s well worth all of the prep because it tastes incredible!  This dinner would have been completely gluten and dairy-free if I would have used gluten-free soy sauce.  So just keep that in mind when making this dish if you are gluten-free.  I used almond milk and Country Crock instead of real butter for the mashed potatoes so that it was dairy-free for me.  It turned out great!  It was a delicious St. Patrick’s Day meal!  Did you do anything for St. Patty’s Day?

Have a great Monday!

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