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Ten in 10 Challenge: Week Six

Posted Feb 05 2010 10:15pm

I am feeling much better this past few days compared to last week. So far, I didn’t experience that much bloating and heaviness despite eating some bread. I actually feel lighter and my digestive function has improved.

I want to share my positive progress for this week:
  • I started soaking my grains diligently for the past few days
  • I didn’t have any coffee but I have few occasional indulgence of dark chocolate, which is okay.
  • I slept 15 minutes earlier. Bravo on that.
  • I have been consistent with my exercise routine despite the lack of conditioning exercises.

Even the coffee beans are tempting..

Breaking Caffeine Addiction

This week’s post is for people who want to break the habit of drinking coffee and even caffeine. If you want to break that dependence on coffee, this is for you. Frequent consumption of coffee results in a diminished response for caffeine, which means your tolerance for coffee is high and you want more and more of it. You will definitely feel lousy with headaches if you don’t get your shot of coffee in the morning but you actually have to go through that. But you might be tempted to have a cup of coffee to mask the withdrawal system. This means, you have to feel worse before it gets better. But you can reduce the symptoms by considering the suggestions below.

Once you’ve break the cycle of drinking coffee in the morning, an occasional cup is okay but be careful, you might get addicted to it again. It already happened to me before.

Here are a few general suggestions while you’re weaning off from coffee and how to maintain that natural high naturally:

Wean off from coffee gradually. If you drink 5 cups of coffee a day, slowly reduce it by ½ cup every day. Then, switch to decaf, tea and to herbal tisanes. I suggest some peppermint tea to invigorate your morning.

Drink lots of water. Caffeine is a diuretic and it depletes minerals from your body. I did experience feeling dehydrated after drinking a cup of strong coffee.

Increase intake of fruits and vegetables. To replace that alkaline minerals that you've lost.

Make sure you’re eating enough protein. Animal sources of protein such as beef, chicken, oily fish and eggs are rich in the amino acid tyrosine, which provides an exceptional raw ingredient that your brain uses to produce 3 kinds of catecholamines (dopamine, norepinephrine and adrenaline). You should feel energized, upbeat and alert if your brain is producing enough of these brain chemicals.

Don’t be afraid of good fats. Correct fatty-acid imbalances by eating more omega-3 fats while reducing omega 6 fats, most especially vegetable oils (except for olive oil). The brain is 60 percent fat and is used to communicate and transmit messages from one nerve to another. This is same with all the raw materials (protein, complex carbohydrates and other nutrients).

Load up on minerals especially magnesium. While B vitamins can be produced in your body through your small intestine, your body cannot produce any mineral. You have to get them from food. I take an ionic mineral drop from Mineral Resources International. Their mineral drops are absorbed into your body cells right away.

Take a multivitamin-mineral complex. Let’s face it, no matter what you do; you won’t get all your nutrients from food alone. While you’re weaning off from coffee, a good supplement would be great to have at the moment.

Soak up the sun. Morning sun is a good source of fat soluble vitamin D and you’ll experience a natural high by exposing your skin to sunlight for a good 15-20 minutes. If you don’t have enough sun in your area then take fermented cod liver oil.

Do some exercise. I have experienced where I don’t feel like exercising and I actually didn’t. But there were days that I forced myself and get my blood circulation going. I just have to remember how good it felt after my workout.

Take a tyrosine supplement to stop your caffeine cravings. Take this amino acid to boost the level of the brain chemical dopamine which can help reduce cravings during a withdrawal period. Please take tyrosine with the supervision of our qualified alternative practitioner.

Consider other alternatives. You can try acupressure, acupuncture and aromatherapy as part of your healing program.

Check your thyroid. Your low energy in the morning and throughout the day, and the need for caffeine (and even simple sugars) could be related to your unbalanced thyroid hormones.

Although the suggestions above vary from one person to another, it is still to eat a full meal to obtain the fat, protein and carbohydrate needs. So, no skipping meals, no crash dieting, no high carb diets, no low-fat diet or no low-calorie diet.

This is truly a challenge for me. There's still that impulse to have a cup but I always think about the effect first before indulging. If you’re one of those persons trying to break that coffee habit and was able to do it successfully, just comment below. I would love to know how you did it.

Have a great weekend.

Love and light,

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