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Ten in 10 Challenge: Week Four

Posted Jan 23 2010 12:00am

Would you believe it’s almost the end of the month and just a few weeks ago it was only New Year? Time flies and they’re gone with the wind in an instant. You can’t bring it back. The good thing is, regardless of time, you can bring back what you’ve lost in life, just not all of them. When it comes to your health and wellness, you can definitely bring it back. As I was reading a magazine sent to me by Hippocrates Health Institute, I am positive that you can fully restore your health the way it was used to be or even better. The catch is, you have to decide to take 100% full responsibility for your health and life.

Here's a few updates for week four:


For the past two weeks (I missed the first one), I’ve been trying to slowly bring back healthier practices and one of them is ditching the coffee. Coffee is good; really good. But after being free from it for more than 2 weeks now, I could say that I feel much better. Caffeine stays longer in the bloodstream for women than men. But there was also the urge to have a cup whenever my brother brews some coffee and I could always make one for myself whenever I feel like it. The kitchen is just a few steps away. I guess it was easier for me to give it up because I only drink coffee once a day until I drink them only a few times a week. But it wasn’t easy to completely give them up.


I’ve been drinking more water this week. Upon waking up in the morning, I drink 2 glasses of mineralized water and was able to maintain hydrated during the day. Of course, there was a setback whenever I’m trying to finish something. But it was better than the other week.


This is something that I need to improve on as sleep lowers our stress hormones. But as always the habit of staying late to read other blogs is hard to break.


One of the things that I’m trying to avoid is gluten. I love pasta. I used to eat pasta every lunch while still working for an Italian restaurant for 10 months. But it was only recently that I discovered that I feel sluggish and lethargic after eating a huge bowl of it. To make things worse, they are served with a huge buttered plain foccacia bread. I felt the same way when the family had lunch in a Chinese restaurant the other week. Guess what I’m doing in the afternoon? Sleeping. I suspect it was the amount and quality of the oil that they used. The result is sluggishness and lethargy.

I also started making my own kimchi (Chinese cabbage; cucumber) instead of buying them. Adding probiotics to your meals in the form of food is a great and cheap way to multiply good bacteria into your gut.

Two ingredients that I'm loving this week are cauliflower because they're in season and chili peppers, because they reduce inflammation in your body and they are high in vitamin C; just go easy on the chili peppers because too much is also harmful too.


I don’t need to lose the excess weight nor even gain weight but exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. If you live in the Philippines, how they greet you could make or break you. It’s either they greet you with “you’ve gained weight”, “you’ve lost weight”, “you looked too skinny” or “you looked malnourished”. But translating them in the Filipino language sounds even harsh. When one of my relatives saw me, she said I looked malnourished. I think my eyebrows become one when I heard that. I kept my cool and ignored what she said but at the back of my mind, I wanted to say something. When I was in first year college, a lot of people were teasing me because I am chubby and flabby; today they're telling me that I'm too thin and even looked malnourished. Hello!!! We have different body types and structures. We're not born with the same built but we are all unique. So, own your body image and don’t let other people own it for you. In other words, love yourself.

How are you doing? Let me know your progress. Whatever happens, don't give up.

Love and light,

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