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Ten in 10 Challenge: Week Five

Posted Jan 30 2010 12:00am

It’s week 5 already? How are you doing with the challenge? I hope you’re doing great. But I have a confession to make. I had about half a mug of coffee the other day. Since my brother likes a strong coffee, I diluted mine with water. So, what happened? I could say it’s simply temptation. I feel like having coffee so I had one. And my brother is teasing me again because of that. But I can always start over and decide that I will break the habit because I felt the difference. I got hooked on coffee before particularly in the mornings because it makes me feel better, more energized and alert but the effects do not last. The result is that coffee makes me tired. And it becomes addictive and a habit that is challenging to break because you would want another cup of coffee in the next few hours or the following day to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal from coffee. It’s just like going around the same mountain without reaching a certain destination. Does this mean that I’m not drinking coffee for the rest of my life? Well, the answer is no. Because I still have to try a drink made with coffee, avocado and condensed milk (Thanks to Mary). But I want to reach a goal that I only want to drink coffee for pleasure (occasional treat), not as an everyday drink.

On the positive side, I started making my own green smoothie made with apple mango, lime juice and malunggay leaves. Much praised has been said about this vegetable because of its wonderful and numerous healing benefits. There is book exclusively about malunggay and this super food is also available in capsules as functional food. Since I get them fresh every day, why not use the real thing. But honestly, after having my green mango smoothie, I actually prefer to add the malunggay in soups and other dishes where the flavor is much more subtle yet enjoyable. I would still have my smoothie but with hemp hearts and bee pollen added instead, and make them green with the addition of spirulina.

Malunggay (Moringa) Leaves

This has been a taxing week for me. I feel stuffed and bloated for the past few days. I don’t feel like eating but I am hungry and I am hungry but I don’t feel like eating. I used to eat bread every breakfast but I stopped and ate something else. Last Wednesday I had naan bread with spiced chickpeas, with some yogurt and cilantro. I love naan. The meal wasn’t too heavy at all but I feel so stuffed and bloated all the way till lunch. (I still suspect the gluten). And still experiencing the same way until today probably from eating out and for the reason that I couldn’t say no when someone gives me food. One lesson I still need to learn and haven’t learn is I don’t need to eat until I’m full; just eat only when I’m no longer hungry. When we have dinner buffets at hotel, I eat until I could no longer breathe. And I would tell myself that I will never eat like that again. My brother won't believe me.

Sleeping earlier is still a challenge that I need to work on as well as spending less time in front of the computer. I backslide when it comes to drinking water but I felt great after my workout. But it's also time to add some variations to my exercise routine to keep me motivated.

I would also consider this week to be an adjustment to the changes that I’ve made on my eating habits and listen to the signs that my body is trying to tell me. I’ve made a decision to eat healthier but there are always challenges. But in order to help me with this challenge, I always think of the effect that a certain food would have on my body in the long run. What I eat today will definitely affect my health in the future. I still have unfinished goals that I want to achieve and I still have a mission here on earth. And I still want to be at the prime of my life when I reach that certain age. Not just surviving the aches and pains but thriving at the peak of my health.

Good to see a butterfly. Do you see it?

Food is not the only factor. Let’s also consider what the human body needs in order to thrive: fresh air, pure water, sunlight, rest and exercise. But this is only possible when we have a
healthy planet. Like it or not, hate me or love me, we have responsibility to care of our temporary home: earth. (And I also need to do my part). When my sister in law was confined at the hospital last year for a few days, I realized just how much people are sick today. She stayed in ER because all the hospital rooms were occupied. I believe they're all occupied everyday. And there are more children today who are experiencing more sickness today than before. The quality of our food and environment (air and water) has changed.

I guess this week’s challenge is not all about my health. After learning about my own health needs and wanting to live healthier because of the goals that I want to accomplish, I also recognize the goals that I want to carry out in other people as well as the factors that is preventing people from having it. After having a few setbacks (remember my lost files?), I am still moving forward. This is just the beginning (again).

How’s everyone doing with their challenge this week? Have you discovered something new about this week’s challenge? Remember, if you experienced a setback, prepare for a comeback.

Love and light,

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