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Teaching Numbers and Letters To Active Toddlers

Posted Apr 07 2013 3:42pm
on by healthymama

My older son has always had the concentration of a zen master. He simply loves to sit and learn. My younger son is a very bright little tornado: he learns on the go and somehow retains everything he learns while running. If you make him sit down, he won’t memorize a thing. So, I had to figure out how to teach letters and numbers to active toddlers, like my little boy.

Teaching Numbers and Letters To Active Toddlers

Fighting against a child’s nature is futile, as many parents know. Making an active child sit still will take away from that child realizing their potential, as each child is born with their unique programming and only by nourishing that we can expect the child to become whoever they are supposed to become ( and that doesn’t mean that they manifest what we envision for them.) So, an active child needs to have an active learning environment.

For this active letter and number learning game, we first wrote down a bunch of letters in chalk on our driveway. Each letter was about a foot apart from the other ones. When I called out the letter, the kids had to either run or jump onto that letter and my preschooler had to name  a word that starts with that letter.

For the numbers, the kids simply had to jump on a number whenever I called it.

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