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Taking Action to Overcome Challenging Times

Posted Oct 25 2009 11:19pm

Clients often say to me, where do you get your energy from? How do you keep going? How can you be so inspirational all of the time? Where do you find the time to write articles, newsletters, follow up with people, do treatments, courses and much more?


Well, I will be honest with you--my answer usually goes like this, yes the days are very long but I simply love what I do, If you love what you do then you know what I am talking about. It doesn’t feel like work, there is a flame inside you that never wants to stop burning…that brings enthusiasm, passion and interest. ‘You’,Your success, Your feeling better, Your getting well, Your increasing self-confidence and just listening to your requests, are ALL MAJOR sources of inspiration for me.


I was unsure if I should share this with you or not, but the past few weeks have been a real challenge for me, feeling a little burned out with all the goings on , with personal challenges, work pressures and deadlines, and a long list of to-do things… I just want you to know, Yes I am like you and everyone else and have down days too! However, I believe it’s not just about being down, it’s about your ability to See it, Recover from it and Bounce Back QUICKLY with renewed spirit.


To bounce back with vitality and force I have to take some ACTION… I have to remind myself to take some time only for myself and do what feels good for me, I get to bed early, I read some really inspiring books and above all I associate myself with like-minded people, this is where I get my real buzz … the power of association cannot be underestimated! In this current climate it has never been needed more…And most importantly not to dwell on the negative moments…by taking Some ACTION...Recognise the moments and let them go.


Now I know it’s not that easy. If it were, I wouldn’t have repeated requests on How do I recognise it, how do I help myself feel positive and motivated? So this is just one of the things I have been working on…and Yes …It is Finally here…The ANSWER to your repeated requests …All you need to do now is TAKE ACTION…Just keep reading.


To inspire you and help you, have a resource to associate yourself with ‘like-minded people’s thoughts’, I have put together a series of messages that will not only help you stay focussed and help you bounce back from all the negativity and doom and gloom but in the process build your self-confidence too!


You can do the same.   Find quotes sayings, recordings and poems that give you that injection of positivity.   Keep them in one place and read them regularly.   Also keep in touch as I will be releasing a resource that will help you do this exact same thing.


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