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Posted Aug 24 2008 9:37pm
My friend ,and fellow cooking contester Jenny, from Picky Palate , tagged me the other day. Clueless as to what this meant, I emailed her for instructions (am I revealing too much about my blog naïveté - Oh well, so be it; I'm learning by the seat of my pants).

Turns out I need to share 5 fact-lets about myself, and then tag several other blogs of friends to have them do the same. I'll add the latter in a bit (I don't have many blogger freinds yet--let me know if you would like to be tagged).

Here is my list of Camilla-isms:

1. The only pets I had as a child were rats. Ha! Bet you weren't expecting that one :) No, we didn't live in the sewer. My sister and brother are allergic to cats and dogs (my sister severely so), and rats for pets were surprisingly popular in the 1970s Berkeley area (our first two were babies from the mama rat at our nursery school. I believe her name was Annie.) They were the sweetest pets (Rose, Blackberry and Cricket), and (this makes my husband question the sanity of my entire family) we loved them so much that we had surgery on two of them when they became ill. Thank goodness for the movie Ratatouille, for highlighting cute, smart rats.

2. Given my druthers, my preferred method for falling asleep is reading a book until unconscious, with all of the lights on. I share this predilection with my sister; we shared a room growing up.

3. The sound of loud chewing/slurping makes me crazy. This is especially the case in films where, based on the amplification of slurping and grinding, a microphone seems to have been implanted in the mouths of the actors.

4. I have probably watched each of the three movies more than 100 times: Tootsie , Singin ' in the Rain , and the BBC production of Pride & Prejudice (COLIN FIRTH!). I've sat and watched all three many many times, and I would also put them on as background/white noise when I had extra long nights of reading/grading/writing in grad school.

5. I want to learn to play the bagpipes . This is something I wanted to do when I was little, but I took up violin instead. I think it would be a hoot (pun intended) to learn to play now (a pipedream - Oh, I must stop). Did I mention that Kevin has very sensitive ears? I don't t hink he'll be thrilled with this little dream. But he is also a very skilled woodworker, so perhaps if I take this up he'll build me a soundproof room of my own.
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