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Sweet Wholesome Wednesday

Posted Jun 24 2009 12:00am

What is Wholesome?

Real food. Natural. Pure. Nourishing. Healthful. Uncontaminated. Nutritious. Health-giving. Organic. Clean…
  • Whole and unrefined
  • Processed as little as possible
  • Free of additives and preservatives
  • Free of fake ingredients
  • Nutrient-dense
  • Non-GMO
  • Made with love

In other words… if God didn’t make it, don’t eat it.

Here at Just Making Noise I make it my goal to share nourishing recipes that are simple, filling & delicious. In the midst of all that I enjoy sharing sound bites on health, food, family, nutrition & daily life. It has been my goal since I first started on the road of nourishing foods to learn as much as I can and share with others along the way. It is my desire to show people that healthy, nourishing food do make a big difference in our way of living.

Of course, I’m not saying I am perfect or expect perfection. My goal is to do the best I can in the circumstances I’m in. This gives me room to be creative and open to trying different things. Of course, anything I won’t eat… I will not keep in the kitchen. I keep out processed foods as much as possible from the house to keep temptation away from my family, but one thing that is hard to keep away if I don’t do anything is a sweet tooth.

The “sweet tooth” runs pretty strong in my family, but it is a delight to bake & create wholesome, guilt-free, sweet treats for all of us on a weekly basis. I have so many to share with all of you, but can’t seem to keep up… thus Sweet Wholesome Wednesday was born.

I know many of you try to keep sweets at the minimum or cut it out all together (especially during the holidays), but there are other ways to enjoy sweets without the usual consequences. I have had people ask me, “How can I stop eating sugar?!” and my advise is always the same… replace the processed sugar using alternative sweeteners such as raw honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup or eat fresh, organic fruits because they are nourishing foods that satisfy the sweet tooth and benefit our health!

We all were born with sweet tasting buds and need that sweet satisfaction once in a while. I am here to show you the delicious ways you can satisfy your sweet tooth and gain health at the same time. Even those who claim to not have a sweet tooth will find many delicious recipes that are too good to past up!

I am now inviting “Special Guests” to share a sweet post once or twice a month on SWW. It is open to anybody who has a blog/site and regularly shares recipes. If you are interested in participating, please contact me directly and I will review your request! Each special guest is encouraged to try the following simple steps along with using the above list as a guideline when making their sweet treat for SWW:

  • Use only wholesome ingredients (stuff that your great, great, great grandmother would recognize).
  • Share allergic-free alternatives if possible.
  • Try Nourishing Traditions methods (soaking grains, etc…).
  • Vegan-style sweets are welcomed!
  • Experiment with unique ingredients.
  • Please avoid using white/processed sugar & flour.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Be creative and HAVE FUN!

The post must be sent to me on the Monday prior and I will send you a Special Guest badge that you can post along with a paragraph letting your readers know you are a special guest on my Noisy blog!

Now, let the sweet noise begin!
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