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Sweet Story Time: The Clover

Posted Jul 09 2010 3:00am

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I met JJ Enriquez on my Digestive Healing Retreat a couple weeks ago. I think that part of Becoming Who I Needed to Meet is that I now design classes, workshops and retreats that are at places I want to be at, in a price range I would be willing to pay, with programming I would like to partake in. As a result, many of my friends are people I meet through my classes and retreats and I love that! My most recent retreat was no exception and I met loads of amazing people that I have every confidence will become regulars in my life. JJ is one of those people.

On an afternoon of the retreat, we were hanging about having our afternoon snack and chitty chatting when it came up that JJ had written a children’s story. This story needs to be published. See, JJ is one of those rare spirits. His desire to give, to lend his talents, to be sweet and kind- well it just radiates from him.

Part of my mission on this blog is to nourish you in all ways- mind body and spirit. So get your spirit warmed up for this dose of nourishment. this is the story JJ wrote with an illustration by his friend Ruth (and click to enlarge the image, the whole story is actually written in the children’s shadows)

The Clover

by JJ Enriquez, Painting by Ruth

Once upon a time, the universe aligned, and it brought forth a friendship unlike any other kind.

They met upon a clover field on one hot summers day.
He was seeking clovers, and she was out to play.

He was kneeling in the grass searching all around, when she approached the boy and sat beside him on the ground.

“Hello there.” she said to him “What is it that you seek?
I have seen you searching here almost every day this week.”

“I’m searching for a four leaf clover.” the little boy replied.
“For all these clovers have three leaves, oh how hard i’ve tried.

And when I find it, it will give me luck, I’ll keep it pressed within my book.
I won’t stop until I find one. Would you like to help me look?

“Oh yes I would.” The girl replied as they searched from field to field.
And from then on, their friendship bond, by fate was more than sealed.

They would climb the highest mountain and search between the rocks,
and even go from lake to lake and search around the docks.

They would search within the forest and in around the trees,
and even in the moats and swamps that went up to their knees.

Their search took them everywhere riding boats and even trains,
and when they had to travel far they’d even take a plane.

They searched and searched around the world, from England to Iran.
They even scoured clover fields in Thailand and Japan.

From Canada to Brazil, Philippines to Belize.
They searched together holding hands for a clover with four leaves.

And at night they would stop their search only to get rest.
They would lie down in the field; the girl’s head resting on his chest.

They would talk all night, and laugh away, staring at the stars,
and when they’d dream it would be about the adventure they’d had so far.

And in the morning the search went on from clover patch to patch,
and day by day their friendship grew, a relationship unmatched.

Years had passed and still no sign of the clover here or there.
But the boy and girl continued on as though they didn’t care.

Their search took them near and far, from east coast to the west,
and to do it with one another really was the best.

But then finally the search would end one autumn afternoon.
The day the boy and girl were swimming in the old lagoon.

The girl got out to dry herself and saw something on the ground.
“Oh my goodness!” the girl yelled out “Look at what I found!”

And there it was, standing tall, nestled in the grass.
“It’s a four leaf clover!” the girl cried out “Our search is done at last!”

And just as the girl bent down to pull the clover out.
The little boy stopped her with a great big shout!

“Don’t yank it out” the boy cried out “Please just leave it be.
This clover can’t bring more luck to you or even me.

To yank it out, just for luck, would be so very wrong.
I already have all the luck, you’ve been my clover all along.

Endless time searching, an adventure all so true.
I found my four leaf clover. I found it within you.”

He then held her hand, and they walked away with joyful smiles and laughter

And the little boy and his clover girl
lived happily ever after.


JJ and Ruth are part of The Lost Jar – Art Collective. They describe themselves as two wandering souls using their artistic abilities to raise awareness and persuade money from the blessed to give to those in need. One journey, one mission: To change the world. Bring laughter and joy to empty souls and food to empty stomachs through artistic talents and compassion. Inspired by those who have nothing, we hope to give something to repay them for their gift of inspiration and motivation. From raising money to build art centers in Thailand for underprivileged youth to changing the lives of Haitians descended from slaves to raising awareness for human trafficking and purchasing freedom for all, The Lost Jar is making the difference. Our causes will always be evolving and multiplying but our purpose will remain the same forever. Our dreams are big and our passion even bigger. The Lost Jar has now blossomed into an idea in which we believe we can make a difference in this world through our art, our passion and our love to create. Join us on our journey to find home.

I encourage you, should be one of the blessed to make a donation to this wonderfully worthy cause!

Question Of The Day: What was your favourite childhood story? Mine… The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and I LOVED Robert Munch’s The Paperbag Princess

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