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Surprising Ways to Kick Start Your Weight Loss Plan

Posted May 18 2013 9:04am
on by healthymama
Sponsored guest post by Emma Stone

When you first start out on a new weight-loss plan, it can feel like there is a long road ahead. There is nothing more encouraging and motivating than seeing pounds melt off in the first week or two, and so many dieters choose to kick start their long term weight-loss plan by spending the first week or two on a more restrictive plan than they will be following longer term.

Most kick start plans for dieters involve doing a hardcore “boot camp” style workout for a week or two, or going on a more extreme version of their planned diet, like cutting out carbs, going on a fruit detox or having a very low calorie intake short-term. All of these approaches will work to varying degrees depending how much you have to lose and how well you stick to your diet afterward (so you don’t gain it all back), but there are also a few quite surprising ways to trim pounds or inches and help get that early diet burn.

Removing the excess waste most people have stored in their colon can help lose pounds. While these aren’t pounds of fat, you’ll still feel lighter, and your metabolism will speed up because you don’t have anything obstructing and hindering your digestion, or stopping you from absorbing nutrients from your food properly. Any excess weight you are carrying around is contributing to the total number of pounds you need to lose, whether it is water weight, colon waste or fat, so getting rid of the “easy” weight first before you fight the fat gives you a boost.

Cleansing your colon can be done either with a colonic irrigation treatment, which can be done at home with the right equipment, or in a salon, clinic or spa. You can also try colon cleanse diets or supplements, which will not give you the same instant results but will help you gently pass excess waste over the course of a few days.

To help stop gaining back the waste problem, make sure your long-term diet includes plenty of fiber.

Many salons and spas offer special body wraps that can help you lose inches by firming up your body. Many of these offer very fast results (within a few hours) and significant inch loss all over as well as ridding your body of toxins and making your skin look and feel great.

The procedures vary with different wraps, but generally you’ll be stripped to nothing but your underpants and wrapped tightly in bandages soaked in a special clay mix like a mummy. You’ll then spend about an hour wrapped up, before the bandages are removed and you’ll normally be measured so you can see how many inches you’ve lost. Some people lose as much as 25 inches all over their bodies from one treatment. Bear in mind you won’t lose any actually weight from this (except maybe some water weight from the detox process) but you can look noticeably slimmer which is a great motivator.

About the author: Emma decided to opt for an  at home colon cleanse  before she started her diet. She checked out her options on  and managed to lose 12 inches which gave her weight loss the kick start it needed.

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