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Sunday Confessions XIII

Posted Aug 18 2013 10:06pm

1. Before heading to the Pheasant Lane Mall Friday morning, I scanned the website’s food court options. Again, hungry girl needs to be prepared to eat! But then I didn’t even eat there. Whoops.

2. I am annoyed when people try to rush into the next season. Like chill out!! It’ll happen, just wait for it! That said, I’m always ready for it to be Summer. But seriously, yearning for pumpkin in August? No!!!

3. Danielle found the funniest typo in one of my posts from last week. I haven’t even changed the post because I think it’s more amusing to leave it as is.


Goat chest. So yummy right now.

4. Auntie Jen took me to the Pats game on Friday. It was my first NFL game. Call me an instafan.

5. This conversation, when my aunt accidentally said she was eating a “twerkey sandwich.”

Jen: “This twerkey sandwich…” Me: “Uhh, did you just say twerkey?” Jen: “Yeah, what? You don’t know what twerking is?” Me: “Oh, I do. Omg, YOU do?” Jen: “Actually no, I thought I just made that word up.”

THEN my Aunt Tina had the pleasure of describing to her (and Grammy!) what twerking is. And then showed them an instructional video…and they practiced. I could not stop laughing and shaking my head.

6. RE: Previous confession – Every time I spend time with this side of my family, I think, “Oh, so this is why I’m crazy.” It’s never crazy in a bad way more of a “wait, did you really just say that?” and “how does your voice reach such a loud volume?” type of way.

7. It was mostly sunny and 79* here yesterday. We were at my aunt’s pool and it took me a good 15 minutes until I was warm enough to take my clothes off and just lay in a bikini. Everyone else was hot/in the pool and I was yearning for a blanket. It’s ridiculous how accustomed I’ve become to SC weather. I would probably turn into a snowwoman in the winter.

8. For a solid two weeks, I had a hankering for Qdoba, yet I’ve never eaten there. How is that even possible?! I quenched that craving Friday night before the Pats game. It was good, but didn’t blow me away. Next stop, Chipotle. (What’s your preference?)

qdoba grilled chicken salad

9. When Auntie Jen asked me what I was wearing to the Sox game on Sunday, I pulled out a red sundress and said “Umm, maybe this?” She looked at me, laughed, and said “What, are you going to prom? We don’t dress up like that for games.” Well, crap. When I first moved to the South I thought it was bizarre that girls wore dresses/skirts to college football games, but hey, dressing up is fun, so I went with it. I would’ve frozen in that dress anyway, so I picked out something much more casual. And warm.

10. Last night my cousin Mick kept trying to make me eat one of these pickle mints he bought. I told him that sounded disgusting and I didn’t want to. Little did I know, he dropped one in my drink when I wasn’t looking. Later on, he asks me, “Christina, did you finish your lemonade? I put a pickle mint in it so you’d have to try it.” That little stinker! He literally slipped something in my drink!

No wonder I suddenly felt really tired…just kidding, just kidding!

Happy Sunday! Make it a fun day!

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