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Strawberries & Cream

Posted Mar 05 2011 6:22pm

Why is it that anything with “cream” is wonderful? Coffee with cream, cookies & cream ice-cream, peaches & cream, cream cheese brownies, whipped cream…just to name a few! Strawberries were an integral part of my childhood. My grandfather and my father raised acres of strawberries to sell. People from miles around came to pick crates of berries and local neighbor kids were hired to pick berries to sell to those people did not chose to pick their own.



I learned how to plant strawberries, weed, water, pick, stem and freeze these luscious gems! During the month of June we nearly foundered on fresh strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie, strawberries on ice-cream and just plain juicy red strawberries straight from the patch!




During our stay in Mexico, we went to a local ice-cream parlor and ordered what the locals suggested…strawberries & cream.


I intently watched the process so I could duplicate this wonderful dessert for our family at home. I love easy schmeezy and this can be prepared in about one minute.

Take a one pint carton of frozen sweetened sliced strawberries. Zap carton and contents in microwave for about 1 minute. You still want the berries to be partially frozen. Fill large plastic glass 1/3 full with cream. (I assumed it was similar to half and half) Open carton of berries and dump on top. Stick in a heavy plastic spoon and enjoy! (and trust me…you will enjoy this!)


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