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Stereotypes of Healthy Living Bloggers

Posted Feb 21 2013 9:31am

Hey there! Hope your day is off to a good start. I seriously considered skipping the gym this morning in favor or more sleep but new once I got moving I would feel better. So far so good!

Over the weekend Cait was busy obsessing over something with coconut and I stated I’m allergic (actually I said I hate coconut). She said “oh, I guess I just assumed every healthy living blogger liked coconut.” Which made me laugh because its so true, there are so many stereotypes of what HLB (healthy living blogger) like and do not like. So while plugging away on the elliptical this am I came up with a list!

Disclaimer: please read this post with an open mind and sense of humor. If you don’t find it satirical or humorous we probably don’t share the same sense of humor.

1.) Every HLB like coconut. Wrong or maybe I really am the only HLB who doesn’t like coconut and that would be perfectly fine.

2.) Every HLB likes some sort of Nut butters. While I am absolulety positively in love with peanut butter and other butters of the sort. I know a few HLB who do not, take for example my girl Alex, she is a hater and I respect her for that. (sorry for throwing you under the bus)

3.) Every HLB does crossfit. Um wrong! It may be on my fitness bucket list but I do not intend to become obsessed with it like other bloggers are. To each is own.

4.) Every HLB likes avocado pudding . Um I’m sorry I tried it, its gross, gimme the real stuff!

5.) You’re a HLB which probably means you don’t eat sugar. You’re right I don’t eat sugar I only just pretend to eat 16 Handles every other day.

6.) Every HLB likes frozen yogurt. Well I do adore frozen yogurt and I may as well take up stock in the 16 Handles franchise, not every HLB likes frozen yogurt. My girl Paige happily enjoys the real stuff.

7.) If your a HLB then you obviously like protein pancakes . I am indifferent about these.

8.) As a HLB you must like oatmeal and oats in a jar. Well yes I am a huge fan of both but again I know people who just don’t like oatmeal, and that is just fine.

9.) Every HLB likes Kombucha. Yeah not true, I would have to say Julie said it best when she said “ it tastes like butt .”

10.) Every HLB loves Chobani and only Chobani. Well yes I do love some Chobani, I still enjoy Okios or Fage or the Trader Joe’s brand Greek yogurt because it is more wallet friendly.

What Stereotypes do you see as a HLB?

If your not a blogger do you see stereotypes through the blogs that you read?

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