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Start with the Basics...Classic Roast Chicken!

Posted Jan 20 2012 11:05am
It’s time. Time for me to share!It seems that I am always texting and emailing some of my favorite recipes tofamily, friends and former colleagues so now I have one central place to sharesome delectable recipes from my repertoire and a place to share and receive feedbackas I go through some new recipe development.
I will admit that this blog wasborn from a moment I had, a final straw moment, in Costco no less. I havelearned in the last year and a half of my SAHM-hood that I seem to have momentsof reflection in strange places…a lot. Like the gym where my children practicegymnastics four hours per week, the shower the only place I get quiet time andyes as I mentioned, Costco. So there I was on one of my monthly “stock up”trips to Costco, not my favorite place to shop, I had my eco friendly handbag,green tea in a commuter mug made from recycled materials and of course my reusablebags, and there I was standing and waiting in an unusually long line for aweekday morning. So naturally I began to look around me at the other patrons inthe store. Most of us seemed to be SAHMs taking advantage of the opportunity toshop at the big box store on a Wednesday morning. The mother next to me caughtmy eye at first because I recognized and empathized with the “tired mom”expression and body language and second because she had four children with her.Lucky for me prior to hitting Costco, on this Wednesday I dropped my 4 year oldson Jack off at preschool, so I was footloose and fancy free for 5 whole hours,so being the adventurer I am I decided to go to Costco. Ok back to the tiredmom in the line next to me. She looked like all of us moms, dressed incomfortable clothes, hair pulled back and that unmistakable look on her facethat said to each of her four little angels, if I have to ask/tell you one more time to stop swinging the ropeattached to the check stand you’ll be sorry! So at first I kind of laughedto myself fully aware that I would have the same look if I had either one of mylittle angels with me. Then I NOTICED…the not one but TWO carts she had filledwith frozen and processed foods, prepackaged sugar laden drinks that had theword “organic” stamped across them, ya maybe organic sugar and 4 double packsof Wonderbread! I was in shock.
Now I understand that mostpeople may reserve their moments of shock for the state of our State, the crumblinghousing market or the current divorce rate in the US, but not me. I am passionateabout REAL food and healthy living, especially when it involves children. Sowhen I saw this mother of four with TWO carts full of pretty much everythingyou can find in the frozen section of Costco, pizzas, chicken nuggets, corndogs, hot pockets, the list is endless AND boxes of the colossal bakery croissantsand muffins, most weighing in at over 600 calories and 40 grams of sugar perbaked item, I was not only shocked but saddened. Now I wasn’t coming from aplace of judgment, but more a place of wonder. So then the reflection set in,and I started to think does she know better? Does she understand how you feedyour children, especially when they’re young has a tremendous impact on theirbodies and minds for life? I thought of all of the nice ways I could approachher and ask her if she would like some shopping and cooking support, but alas Ichecked out and left Costco that Wednesday with the inspiration to provide aresource for those who want it. So here is my first public blog posted recipe Ihope you enjoy!
I thought I would start with abasic staple in my home and probably one of my very favorite meals, classicroast chicken. Nothing says Sunday like the most perfect roasted chicken! Itis one thing my family has counted on for years. Every Sunday that it is at allfeasible you will find a whole chicken either snuggly roasting in my good olele creuset baker filling the house with its amazing succulent aroma, or youwill find one outside turning slowly for the most perfect golden finish on the rotisserie.This is Sunday at the Craines! The Craines Sunday Roast Chicken1 (4 to 5 pound) roasting chicken
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1 bunch fresh herbs (I like a mix of thyme and rosemary)
1 lemon
1 head garlic
1 tablespoon dried herbs de Provence
Butchers twine
1 tablespoon olive oil

1)   Preheatthe oven to 425 degrees F.
2)  Remove the chicken giblets. You can save theneck if you want to make stock. I keep a freezer bag of necks in my freezerthen I throw them all in the pot on stock making day.
3)  Rinsethe chicken inside and out. Remove any excess fat flaps and pat the outsidedry.
4)  Sprinkle½ of the herbs de Provence and liberally salt and pepper the inside of thechicken. Lift the skin covering the breast and rub salt, pepper and the other ½of the herbs de Provence on the breasts. Stuff the cavity with a bunch of freshherbs, the lemon, and the garlic whole garlic.  
5)  Trussthe legs together with butchers twine and tuck the wing tips under the body ofthe chicken. 
6)  Brush the outside of the chicken with theolive oil and sprinkle again with salt and pepper.
7)  Roastthe chicken for 1 1/2 hours, or until the juices run clear when you cut betweena leg and thigh. A meat thermometer should read 165 degrees when inserted intothe thickest part of the thigh avoiding the bone.
8)  Donot touch the chicken, let it roast, you do not need to baste it at all. Removethe chicken to a platter and cover with aluminum foil for about 20 minutes.Slice the chicken onto a platter and serve.

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