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Start Fresh

Posted Jan 24 2010 12:00am
Last week, I thought I lost all my files and photos from my flash drive (supposed to be my back up) but my brother-in-law was able to recover some of it last Friday. But as my computer lost its function and was brought to the shop that week, my heart sank when I learned that all my files and photos cannot be recovered anymore. Not some, not a few, not three-fourths, but all of them were gone. So, all the original photos and text on this blog are all gone from my computer. And most files that I’ve saved and worked on are consists of more than six years of research. My brother would call it my life’s work. For the past few years, I was a full time caregiver of my late-father. And I spent my free time doing research about health, nutrition, healing power of whole foods and other areas related to food, cooking and well being. I also did a lot of notes and outlines and saved them in organized folders and sub folders. I've changed computers within those years and have experienced computer breakdown, but they were still able to save everything. When the computer was returned to me the other day with a new socket for the internet, I turned it on, hoping that at least a few would have been recovered. I was still in shocked that they’re all gone. Nothing was left. Not even my resume, or even my drafts for this blog or my case studies that I did for my natural nutrition course.

My brother in law suggested on how to have a real back up for all those files and photos and even a smarter way to do it. He even gave me some words of wisdom through his text message. It says it reminds him of Henry Ford, (founder of Motor Ford Company) whose workshop was burned to ground with all the stuff that he worked on for 10 years. His son felt bitter but Henry said it’s alright. It only means to start anew with a fresh perspective of things. Trust that there is a reason why it happened. There are no coincidences. Take a deep breath; acknowledge that it is a setback. You always have a choice how to react to it (hmmm, which just comes to my mind, when you start over and re-write some of the data, why not publish a book out of it?)I’ll think about it although he insists that I should.

So, I’m starting anew again hoping that whatever that I’ve lost from my hard drive would be restored in a more abundant and miraculous way. I will cling to the scripture that the pastor quoted today from Philippians 3:13 - Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.

While I lost every file and photo from my hard drive, this is actually nothing compared to what happened in Haiti. I am still disturbed by what happened and I honestly don’t know what to write as I’m out of words to describe it. While you can make contributions to your local church and other organizations, please take the time to read the following food blogs who wrote about it and how you can help.

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Here's a list of other food bloggers donating their ad revenue this month for Haiti relief. You can help by visiting their old posts to increase the amount of ad money donated.
Help Haiti - Blog Away Hunger

And let’s continue praying for everyone affected with this calamity.

Love and light,

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