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Staple Sunday

Posted Feb 06 2011 12:00am

Happy Sunday! Are you watching the Superbowl tonight? I’m definitely NOT.. seeing as I have no knowlwdge on American football… over here it’s all about FUTBOL and RUGBEH! and yes.. that is how it’s pronounced!

Yesterday I watched a very eye-opening documentary called Earthlings (BUT WAIT! ) Don’t click on the link just yet because I must warn you it is very difficult to watch. I had to turn my head multiple times because it was so disturbing.. but the worst part is that it’s the truth… and it’s pretty much everything we try to deny… SO…if you want to learn about the facts behind factory farming and animal treatment in this world.. then CLICK! (but after you read my post ;)

I named this post ‘Staple Sunday’ because I want to start a new Sunday thangg… where you talk about one of the staples in your diet.. or life! and totally elaborate on it.. including many ways to eat it and use it and TONS of lovely recipes on it!… feel free to join in ;)

But FIRST… here is my wonderful breakki this morning:

Which fueled me to do this Up-Down Interval Run

This week’s staple is…..

I never though I liked beans that much… they were boring.. tasted kind of funky and BLAH.. but lemme tell you.. since becoming vegan, beans have been a huge part of my diet.. they provide good source of protein for me!

are an excellent source of fiber and can be paired with hummus to make a delicious wrap:

They can even be used to make PANCAKES

Better yet…why not make some BROWNIES with them!?

can be used as faux Spaghetti bolognese :

Or simply add some spices and pair with some rice for a quick and filling meal:

are SO versatile from Falafels :

To a sweet treat of Carmelized Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts”

To a delicious curry:

AND burgers!

You could even finish it all off with some Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip hummus!

And if that doesn’t float your boat…. why not make some chickpea Chocolate Brownies?

are pretty awesome too even though they are really legumes…. you can make things like meatloaf :

and…………  PIE !

And for dessert… some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!

WELL… that is it for this week’s Staple Sunday.. I hope you guys enjoyed it and will go and make some of these amazing recipes!… I will be doing that for sure!

Staple Sunday…yay or nay?

What is your favorite bean?

If you wanna do a Staple Sunday too.. join the CLUB!

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