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Spiced Molasses Bread

Posted Feb 06 2013 9:27am


“My dad is so weird.”

I think every kid has said that once or twice or a thousand times growing up. Whether it be the calf-high socks paired with shorts, or the references to bands other than The Bangles (may-they-stay-together-forever), or the seeming disinterest when told that Kevin asked Rachel to the dance like oh my god, or the bizarre insistence that you do not karate chop your siblings, dads are strange creatures indeed.

What made my dad weird to me was his abominable food choices. Listen, if you independently decide – without any risk of being grounded – to consume broccoli and beans and barley over Swedish Fish, Nerds, and Captain Crunch, then you’re doing it wrong.

Wait, Dad, so are you saying that you DON’T want a Fruit Roll-up? Because it’s a super-sweet processed “food” product that contains red dye #40 and has the same shelf life as a pencil, so you’re gonna have to help me out on what is not mouth-watering about that, okay?

Above all else, the one food choice my dad made that always confused me was molasses. He really liked molasses cake and I couldn’t understand how a dessert made out of Black Death could be considered appealing. I think there might have been walnuts in there too, heavens to betsy.

But, the truth is, one day you grow up and make the painful realization that your dad was right about pretty much everything minus those socks being cool. The Bangles broke up, Kevin asking Rachel to the dance did not ruin my life, and, yes, molasses cake is good. There, I said it.

And now I know that when Logan and I have children of our own and they tell us that we are old and weird and JUST DON’T GET IT! and that Judy Blume would understand, we can look at each other and be certain that…man, are those kids gonna feel dumb one day.

Spiced Molasses Bread 1 Spiced Molasses Bread 2 Spiced Molasses Bread 4

I’ve made this Spiced Molasses Bread from Citron Limette four times since Christmas so I thought I’d share.

The only change I made to the recipe, besides not making the glaze (laziness), was to use two extra large eggs and bake for 55 minutes; my oven runs a bit hot so these modifications kept the bread moist.

Thanks Citron Limette!

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