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Sparkle for Fun, Sparkle for Fast! Win a Sparkle Skirt for Running

Posted Nov 14 2012 9:55pm

Confession: Before this summer, I would have bet you my last fun-sized bag of M&Ms that I would never be caught dead in a tutu, sequined skirt, or some other such nonsense.  But then it happened.  When out running the Hood to Coast Relay in Oregon this summer, the peer-pressure got to this one-woman wolf pack and I put on a sparkle skirt just to get a van full of giddy, girly-girls off my back. But let me tell you, a few strides into my run, I felt completely altered, like a different runner altogether . . . I was off my game, but in a good way!

With each rebound from the asphalt, my sparkle skirt gave a sassy little sway, as if to say “you don’t have to take this so seriously.”   I listened to my heart even more as the sun’s glint off the sequins created a flattering, soft-lighting effect around my body. In this warm, fuzzy state, my heart was telling me that I am allowed to run just for fun, I don’t have to be that super-racer girl that I seem to so sadistically project onto myself.  I did run for fun, and it was wonderful.

Fast forward a couple months to a local 5k that called for a superhero costume. Everyone and their dog (literally) would be in a costume, except for a dozen or so hard-core runners up front vying for the win. Well, I dusted off that sparkle skirt and gave it another chance to make me feel good. This time the mission was to run for fun AND to win – could it be done?  Sure, it’s one thing to pass a few guys wearing the sparkle skirt (awesome), but to flat out cross the finish line as the first woman in sparkle skirt, that’s an entirely different aspiration.

I slipped into the light-as-a-feather sparkle skirt and threw a cape over my shoulders – when the gun went off, I hauled my bedazzled buns faster than a buttered bullet and DID break through that winner’s ribbon. Was I thinking about rainbows and unicorns while I ran? No.  Honestly, the race hurt like heck, but sometimes running does that. But, my new mindset exclaims, “why not hurt in a cute sparkle skirt?” Blood, sweat and sparkles, it’s the best of both worlds.

I’d love for one of you guys to have your very own sparkle skirt and wear it for whatever crazy reasons you desire. The fun and feisty ladies at have generously offered to let me give a away in the color of the winner’s choice.  Check out their website, not only do they have sparkle skirts but lots of other fun stuff including racing wings, sparkle sleeves, visors, and more!  To enter, fill out the rafflecopter information below by Monday, November 26th.

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