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South Caribbean Adventures: The Beaches

Posted Feb 08 2010 12:00am

How can I share about our time exploring the Caribbean (read about it here, here & here) without mentioning the beach?! Here are several pictures of us loving the beach just across from where our cabin was. It really is a beautiful beach... I was thrilled to see how clean and clear the water was there. Much cleaner than the Pacific side... which is pretty much always brown.

Anyway, we had so much fun playing in the ocean. Especially Tabi... she LOVED it and wasn't afraid at all while Naomi was a little timid. She didn't want to go into the water for a while, but we finally were able to encourage to get in with us and she enjoyed it very much. The girls loved getting dirty with the sand (of course!) and 

The morning before we left to head back home I decided to collect some ocean water in several bottles to take back with me. Why?

Because I remember finding a blog that showed how you can make your own sea salt. I thought... why not? It can be a fun project, but I don't know when I am going to get around to doing it! We are packing and getting ready for our move to Honduras. So exciting, yet feeling a little nervous too.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures  :o)

Jon getting ocean water to make sea salt

Noami heading out to the ocean with Grandpa

Tabi trying on Grandpa's goggles

Me watching my girls have fun while Jon take a quick nap

Naomi LOVES the sand, but not too fond of the ocean

Tabi getting used to the sand

Me getting some ocean water to (hopefully) make sea salt!

Our bottles of ocean water... sea salt coming soon!

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