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South Caribbean Adventures: Caribeans Coffee and Chocolate Factory & Mighty Rivers Ice Cream & CoffeeShop

Posted Feb 25 2010 12:00am

NOTE: I scheduled this post to go up... We are settling into our new home in Honduras right now, please keep us in your prayers. Head over to our  RO4Y blog  and read about the awesome things that have happened! Enjoy and thank you!

Green coffee beans freshly roasted, handmade chocolates, raw ice cream, natural peanut butter, raw honey, locally-made coconut oil, homemade Colloidal Silver and Kombucha... Caribeans Coffee & Chocolate Factory  and Mighty Rivers Ice Cream Shop has it all!

With the ocean right across the street... this is the place where you can relax, enjoy the smells of coffee and chocolate wafting through ocean breeze and find good company. This casual & hippy spot is owned by Paul ( met him at the market! ) and his wife who love the Lord and are very involved with the local community. Everything in their shop are from local, organic sources and fair-trade ... totally my kind of place! I think I mentioned before that I used to work at a local coffee shop in Des Moines for about 3 years. I LOVED that job, they roast their beans several times a week and Julie (owner) was the coolest boss ever (and still is!). If you are in the area... stop by and enjoy some delicious coffee made with real cocoa, local milk and fair-trade coffee!

Anyway, while we were there... they were making bars of their baker's chocolate right in the back and the smell was HEAVENLY! I totally forgot that you CAN buy real chocolate with 100% cocoa butter fat from these guys (but not from CHOCORART ). You can also purchase their delicious, organic & fair-trade coffee which they roast right in the back along with their chocolates. Purchasing their coffee & chocolate will help them support the local people and their work.

Now, the ice cream they serve is made locally at Mighty Rivers Farm which we stayed at overnight on the way to Puerto Viejo. We also stayed there on the way back and enjoy our time there. I will be writing up a post about their farm soon! Meanwhile, I stuffed myself with their ice cream... made with their own fresh milk and local ingredients. They really go far to bring the best, freshest & natural ice cream on the Caribbean-side of Costa Rica. You won't find this kind of ice cream anywhere else in Costa Rica!

From the left: Colloidal silver (They made it!), organic raw honey, organic raw banana vinegar and locally-made coconut oil.

This is where they roast their beans and make their chocolates. Tabi decided to check out their roaster  :o)

LOVE their coffee bags... totally COOL!

They brew their own Kombucha and on the sign lists all the benefits of drinking 'bucha. Love that stuff! Its a buck for a 1oz shot...

Paul & his wife and their handmade chocolates. So GOOD!

The menus... they serve 14 different flavors of ice cream and have a breakfast/lunch menu that is very simple. We had breakfast there, but the chocolates, coffee and ice cream are the main focus there!

Daddy kissing his baby girl  :o)

Naomi getting a bite out of Grandpa's ice cream... I think he got Maracuya (Passionfruit)

Caught Dave (my father-in-law) attacking his ice cream... yeah its so good! Jon ordered the Black Beach  Shake... which had their coffee, vanilla ice cream and fresh chocolate all whipped in there and topped with more chocolate sauce. VERY similar to what I had at Bread & Chocolate , but I thought B&C was better  ;o)

After breakfast... Here I am eating THREE scoops of ice cream. Yeah, I love ice cream and I loved it even more that it is made with fresh raw milk! Many of you might be wondering if I gained some weight after eating all that good food and ice cream... nope, I did not gain a single pound. Honestly, cross my heart! We were riding our bikes the whole time and that burned everything off! Besides, when we eat good REAL food... weight-gain is very unlikely to happen  :o)

Top: Chocolate Macadamia  Middle: Coconut  Bottom: Mango
I ate every bite, felt no guilt and loved it!! LOL! My all-time favorite is the coconut. I gotta figure out HOW to make coconut ice cream in my kitchen! I tried once , but it wasn't the same... need to keep trying  :o)

While we were enjoying ourselves... I saw 3 horses walking along the beach. It was a beautiful sight! They had no halters or ropes on them... made me wondered if anybody owned them. The dark bay horse (middle) let me approach him and I gave him some love. He was a real sweetie... the gray was a stand-offish, but she did smell me a little. I also got to love on the little guy and he was adorable! I was surprised that he let me touch him and rub his back. Obviously someone has been working with him and lets the horses roam freely.

I had to share this with you... how often does that happen?!

Anyway, sorry if I'm starting to sound like a broken record here... but if you are ever in the area, this place is worth stopping by. Enjoy some fresh coffee, chocolate or ice cream right on the beach! Maybe you'll even see those horses again  :o)
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