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So what

Posted Nov 13 2013 8:51am

Last night I went to a dinner where the food was mediocre and I didn’t eat much. I got caught up in the company and ended up drinking more wine then I normally would on a week night.

My alarm went off for the gym this morning and I knew there was NO WAY I would get in a good workout so I figured sleeping in would be my best option. So I went back to sleep for another hour.

I woke up an hour later feeling more rested, a tiny bit groggy but thankful for the extra hour of sleep.

Until I thought about it. I had skipped my workout, and I won’t have an opportunity to work out this afternoon. I couldn’t stop dwelling on this.

And then I realized, so what. So what that I had a glass more of wine at dinner. So did everyone else and I am certain they aren’t thinking this hard about it today.

So what that I slept in this morning, sleep is just as necessary as working out and just as good for me.

So what that I didn’t work out, rest days are important for you body.

So here I am reminding myself that it was ok to live a little, to sleep in and to change up my routine. Life is too short to worry about these little things.

Are you a routine person? Do you have a hard time when your routine is changed?
I love routines! Which is why I think its hard for me to stray away from them. I get so used to doing things a certain way its hard to mix it up. I feel like I have to mentally prepare myself for a routine change so when I do things spur of the moment its harder for me to accept.

When you are being extra hard on yourself, what do you do to talk yourself out of it?

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