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Snack snack snack

Posted Oct 28 2009 5:55pm

photos: Yogi strawberry granola crisps (thumbs up!), Trader Joe's peanut butter pretzels (thumbs WAY up!  inspired by Graduate Meghann ), Newman's Own Organics chocolate creme cookies (thumbs up, too!)

Since I graduated and took on a 9-6 desk job for the very first time, I've had to adjust my 'food frame of mind' quite a bit.  First of all, I no longer have access to a wonderful dining hall with a fantastic salad bar and all sorts of ready-made healthy options; I cook and shop for myself.  Second of all, I no longer have to eat according to dining hall hours, which is both freeing and a little flustering, because I am (mostly) a creature of routine).  Third, I sit at a desk for the majority of my day!  I love my work, but sometimes, this is a real challenge!  It doesn't only mean a mental/physical adjustment -- it means a caloric adjustment, too.  Food is fuel, and if I'm going to be sedentary for most of my waking hours, I can't be eating like a college student who walks and bikes and runs around all day. 

One thing I've really rethought is snacking.  Before, I didn't think anything about grazing on apples or crackers or granola whenever I got hungry in between meals (or stressed out, during my less health-minded periods); now, I've really to heart the axiom " breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper " -- with a healthy morning snack and healthy afternoon snack in between.  I try to portion my snacks, like my meals, in moderation, too.  No more eating out of an open box of crackers (so dangerous!).  Snacks are important fuel, too, and food to be eaten mindfully.

I can't promise I'm a saint about eating mindfully every day (and adhering to too rigid a 'food frame' has certainly gotten me into trouble in the past), but I try.  And for now, as a start, that's pretty good for me.

How do you snack?

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