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Simplifying, Twenty-First Century Style

Posted Oct 11 2013 12:01am

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Staples. All opinions are mine, of course. (Are there any other?!)

Simplify 21st Century Style As much as I would love to return to a simpler time and a simpler place, I have to admit I would be loathe to give up certain modern conveniences. Like my washing machine, for example. I have absolutely no desire to wash all our clothes over a washboard in boiling hot water, no thank you! Are you kidding me?! The Boys go through so many clothes it’s not even funny. I will even graciously acknowledge that I contribute my own fair share to the wash load. So maybe it would be nice to go back in time about a century… as long as I was one of the lucky people with a washing machine!

But then again, that means I’d have to give up my tablet, which is my new favorite invention. You see, back – oh, about 10 years ago – I was kinda envious about those ladies who had kitchens large enough that they could fit an office type area in the corner. The reason for my envy? I loved that they had such easy access to a laptop or PC right there in their kitchen! It’s been a long time now since I’ve found my recipes and other household how-tos online almost exclusively, and I envied anyone who had it right there at their fingertips whenever they needed it.

Well, I still don’t have a big kitchen, but guess what?! The computers keep getting smaller (and are considerably cheaper than large dwellings with large kitchens) and it doesn’t take an entire office nook to house the all-important portal of all household knowledge (otherwise known as the internet) anymore. My recipes, my meal planner, my inspiration, my fix-it guide, and even my background music all can be held in my hand and set on any (clean… if I can find one) corner of the countertop. It’s almost like my own personal fairy godmother! 

In particular, I am speaking of the Google Nexus 7 , which Staples sent me to try out in my kitchen. Its size is perfect – larger than a phone, so easier to read a recipe, but small enough to fit comfortably in hand – and the screen is very high quality. I am honestly not so much into the techy details of this sort of thing… all I know is it works and it works well! It’s easy to use, and the battery is long-lasting.


What do I do with my tablet? This list is definitely not comprehensive:

  • Browse Pinterest for ideas and inspiration when I’m not sure what to make for dinner. Or snack. Or beverage. Whenever I’m hungry or thirsty.
  • Use Plan to Eat’s mobile site to help me plan and follow my menu. Which reminds me: I need to get back on that wagon. Oops.
  • Check the Groupon  app for eating-out deals when I don’t feel like cooking.
  • Ask Google to find me instructions when I’m not sure what I’m doing (which is usually after I’ve made a mistake trying to do something without the instructions. Ahem.).
  • Pull recipes from my own blog. Why, yes, I do, all the time! Why do you think I post them here, anyway?
  • Access eBook recipes from my Amazon app.   Hey, you can even read my book on there ! Plus also I can access digital books from our library system and/or reserve print books right from my tablet, how awesome is that!?
  • Keep on top of my life (or try desperately anyway) by using a variety of different calendar tools. I honestly haven’t found one I love 100%; I’ll let you know when I do. If I do. I think my biggest problem is the whole calendar aspect of it, which is sort of hard to get around.
  • Post pics of my successes and failures in the kitchen on Instagram , because, oddly enough, everybody seems very interested in those sorts of things. Who knew?!
  • Fire off Facebook messages to friends and family to get last-minute much-needed info on this that or the other thing.
  • Listen to music on Pandora while I cook, bake, and otherwise putter around in the kitchen.

See why I would be hard pressed to live without my lovely tablet? As much as the turn of the 19th century seems like such a romantic time (those dresses!), I really don’t think I could give up the convenience of my tablet in order to stay there for any length of time. So if anybody can arrange a quick time machine visit, that’d be awesome, but otherwise I’m going to stay put right here in the 21st century. With my tablet in  hand!

Do you have a tablet? Have you found it useful in the kitchen? Or have I just made you envious?, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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