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Secret Recipe Club: Brazilian Chocolate

Posted Mar 05 2012 12:00pm

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Brazilian Chocolate

Welcome to the March edition of the Secret Recipe Club (Group A), the part of the show where the bloggers sing write about each others’  recipes (which they have secretly been testing on the sly).
Secret Recipe Club
My secret assignment this month was none other than our host for the week, The Heritage Cook . Jane, the heritage cook, is the one who keeps our Group A organized and ready to go every month. (Thanks, Jane!) Jane is passionate about eating local, organic and seasonal food, which appeals to me, as you can imagine. She has tons of recipes, and she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the kitchen, so go check out her blog and be inspired!

My absolute favorite feature over at The Heritage Cook is Chocolate Mondays ! Monday is bad, but Chocolate Monday? Good. Very very good. 

So of course, I had to choose one of her delicious chocolate recipes; I simply had no choice! One of her more recent Chocolate Monday posts caught my eye because it featured not one, not two, but three chocolate drink recipes ! You could take your pick of Orange Chocolate Ice Cream Shake, Copacabana Milkshake, and Brazilian Chocolate Drink.

Brazilian chocolate in a blue mug

Isn't the blue color of this mug just gorgeous? It's my favorite coffee cup!

I went with the Brazilian Chocolate drink because:

  • It was hot and I was cold.
  • The other two had ice cream. I was cold.
  • And I didn’t have any ice cream.
Excellent choice, if I do say so myself! Brazilian Chocolate is kind of like a mocha in reverse: instead of a little bit of chocolate added to coffee, it’s a little bit of coffee added to chocolate. Either way works for me – those two are a match made in heaven! – but I think this Brazilian Chocolate drink would probably appeal even to die-hard coffee haters. The addition of strong coffee doesn’t really add any extra flavor, but it does bring out the chocolate flavor in a delicious way.
Really, the only change I made to the recipe was that I scaled it down for an individual serving. Sadly, my DH does not share my obsession with either chocolate or coffee, and my Certain Little Someone is allergic to milk. Baby Boy is too young for chocolate and coffee. So I just made one little delicious cup all for me. Ahhhhhh…
Oh, and the original recipe does not specify what kind of chocolate to use, but all I had was semi-sweet, so that’s what I used. If you use darker chocolate, you may need to add a bit more sugar or other sweetener.
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Recipe: Brazilian Chocolate

Summary: from “Chocolate” by Jean Pierre Wybauw

  1. Place the chocolate in the bottom of a large mug. In a small pot, bring the milk and sugar just to a boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Pour the milk over the chocolate, stirring until melted. Add coffee.
  2. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkling of cocoa powder.
brazilian chocolate overhead
This is just as QUICK as any homemade hot chocolate, only better.
Almost as EASY as opening up one of those packets.
Pretty CHEAP, too, depending on the kind of chocolate you spring for. Still, it’s only one ounce, so it’s not going to break your bank (unless you indulge every day. Something I would never do).
HEALTHY? Well, I was just reading some very convincing arguments in a book recently about all the wonderful healthful goodness of chocolate (of course, the darker, the better), so I would say, YES. Healthy! And not much sugar (none at all if you use the stevia drops), either, always a huge plus.
If you are curious about the Secret Recipe Club, check out the website and add your name to the waiting list !

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