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Sage and Brown Butter Popcorn

Posted Nov 14 2012 8:22am

Warning – Batman: The Dark Knight Rises spoiler in this post.

I am fairly certain that I am one of the least enjoyable people to watch a movie with. I will undoubtedly fall asleep at some point, I will most definitely ignore you if you talk to me because I look at movies as a sweet respite from communication with other human beings (or because I’m sleeping), and if you mention the movie to me in the future, I will probably have no idea what you’re talking about.

For example, I have watched The Rock no less than five times, each time not realizing I’d already seen it until an hour in.

I have watched sequels and not remembered I saw the original. “Who’s that guy?” I’ll say to Logan. “That guy?! That guy?! That guy is the main character. Just like he was the main character in the original.”

And if you think for a second I was one of the people who got excited seeing Cillian Murphy (who, by the way, I always refer to as Crispin Glover) as the judge in the last Batman movie, you would be mistaken. I still don’t remember him from Batman Begins, and I hear he kind of had a pretty big part.

So, recognizing that my husband would probably prefer to watch a movie with a broom instead of with me, I decided the least I could do was make the man a snack. Logan is not a candy guy – or a sweets person for that matter – so I was looking for a savory treat for this weekend’s movie night.

I had plans on Saturday to make gnocchi with sage and brown butter sauce, but I got sidetracked reading Wuthering Heights (or Glamour magazine, you be the judge). Just as I got to the part where the heights began to wuther, I had my Oprah lightbulb moment: I’ll put sage and brown butter on popcorn.

Sage and Brown Butter Popcorn

Makes approximately 6 cups

This popcorn has a nice nutty flavor from the brown butter, which pairs really well with sage, one of my all-time favorite herbs. With just four ingredients, plain popcorn is transformed into a gourmet snack that is a much better alternative to store-bought flavored popcorns, many of which contain hydrogenated oils and preservatives.


1/2 cup unpopped popcorn
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, in two one-tablespoon pats
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon ground sage


Heat the olive oil and popcorn in a deep, tightly covered pot over medium-high heat. Shake the pot occasionally.

Once you hear the first pop, which will take approximately 4 minutes, lower the heat to medium, and set the lid slightly ajar at the back of the pot.

After all of the kernels have popped, which will take another 3-4 minutes, remove the pot from the heat and let stand for at least 3 minutes. Pour the popcorn into a bowl.

Place the butter into a medium saucepan and set the heat to medium-high. Shake the saucepan occasionally as the butter melts. Cook until the butter is amber brown and has a nutty aroma (there are a number of online tutorials on how to make brown butter).

Pour the butter over the popcorn, add the salt and sage, and toss well.

If you’re wondering how movie night went, here goes: In October, we rented the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but were only able to watch the first five minutes because the DVD was damaged.

This Saturday, we received a replacement copy and decided to watch it. There is a scene in the very beginning where an old man whispers something in the ear of another man. I turned to Logan.

“Did he just say ‘Ponce de León’?”

“Are you serious right now? You asked the same question last time. The. very. same. question.”

“Remind me of your answer.”

“YES! He said ‘Ponce de León’, you weirdo.”

About twenty minutes after that, I decided I didn’t want to watch the film anymore. And thus concluded movie night.

At least the popcorn was good!

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