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Running necessities as of late

Posted Oct 11 2012 6:20am

I have been really enjoying running lately, enjoying it more then usual I should say. My IT band hasn’t really been a fan of it all the time but I just can’t stop.

When I head out for my run around 6:15am it is DARK! There are streetlights for the beginning of my runs but then I head into residential area and the streetlights are few and far between. Below are a few things I should invest in, but I wont after all I am writing this for you safety and not mine ;)

1.) A running buddy
I typically do not enjoy running with someone however, over the weekend I ran with my cousins and I really enjoyed it. Maybe because they both felt the same way as me about running with a partner, keep talking to a minimum.
I typically ALWAYS run with music, my mind takes over if I don’t and it won’t end pretty. I ran without over the weekend and it was nice.
Regardless I want someone to run with me, it would be fun!

2.) New Balance Tri-Viz LED cap or something of the sort so I can see in front of me.

3.) Where the heck the indiglo button on my Garmin is?

Can someone please inform me if there is an indiglo button on my Garmin and I am just missing something.

4.) A road ID
Let’s be real, I wear my garmin and my ipod (clothes are a given people). If something happens to me nobody knows who I am and nobody knows where I live. Enough said

5.) Neon clothes or a reflective vest/shirt/something
My hot pink kicks are the brightest things on me! I try to wear a bright color on top but most of my long sleeve apparel is a dark color.

Who is coming running with me?

Do you have any of the above items? What is your favorite?

Garmin, its the best thing ever!

When is your favorite time of day to run? Do you run alone?

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