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Round 2 of IU Cookies

Posted May 28 2009 11:40pm

So IU made it to Regionals!!! They're headed to Louisville this weekend to play another double-elimination round. I told JJ I wanted to make the guys cookies again b/c they're doing so great. I asked him to think of some naturally red and white cookes (like, I didn't want to use tons of red food coloring and add them to peanut butter cookies or something)... and he was like, "you need to make the same ones." And I said, "JJ, I don't like making the same things again and again for the same people.... I need to be creative!" And he said, "No, really. You NEED to make the SAME ONES!" And I started to argue, then he gave me that look, you know, the "We're really superstitious baseball players, we'll be wearing the same socks and we'll tie our shoes the same way, we'll listen to the same songs, and we will have THE SAME COOKIES" look.

So I conceeded. I made the SAME cookies. But then I also added another kind, oatmeal craisin - crimson craberries, perfect! He said I could make more, but had to make the same basic ones. I didn't know there were rules like this....
So anyway, I made the same sugar cookie baseballs and red M&M cookies. It was interesting to see how using the same recipes only a week apart yielded such different results. I attribute this to the weather. Last week it was around 70 and sunny, this week it was 85 and humid... which made my chocolate chip cookies flatten a bit more, and made my royal icing runny! It took a lot more time for them to dry, and the red seams bled a bit into the white.
He said no one complained :)

So once again, please wish the Hoosiers tons of luck! They have the talent and especially the heart, and if they make it past this round it will be the first time in school history!!!


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