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Rose & WaterMelon Quencher / Juice

Posted Jun 09 2011 4:23pm
Know What You Eat:  We make a lot of fresh fruit/vegetable juices/ shakes, apart from that today I will share one of the very authentic Sharbat or charbat is the name applied to a variety of sweet soft drinks flavored with fruit juice or floral extracts, popular in the Middle East/India/Pakistan.. After all, "Poets have sung its praise. Medical scientists laud its therapeutic values. And the common man loves its refreshing goodness."The viscous concentrate smells like a typical rose perfume while in the bottle  With water or seltzer, a rose flavor dominates and it is sickeningly sweet. For an American palate, it's very intense. But its amazingly flavorful when mixed with cold milk/ watermelon quencher what I made here..Apart from the sweet smell it is also very beneficial to protect and treat Dehydration (water loss) Nutritional status of the body, Heat Exhaustion Proper functioning of the heart Heat stroke, to treat fever due to fresh heat exposure, Active Vomiting Energetic, Diarrhea, and Stomach ache..Still not guessd... Its Rooh-Afza..

This year I got this opportunity, to pluck a lots and lots of fresh and sweet smelling roses, where.. Of course in my back yard, since now the plant is bearing lot of roses, I thought not to waste a single one and immediately asked my mom the recipe for this concentrate I made from rose. I plucked a bunch of these, removed the petals, washed it and boiled these petals along with water.

Ingredients:Rose petals (i had beautiful red and pink colored) from about 10-15 roses4 C Water2 C Sugar2-3 drops Rose EssenceFew pinches Red Food color (optional)
Directions:Add 1 cup water along with rose petals, cover it with lid and boil it for about 3-5 mins, take off from the stove, an d let it cool.2.. Strain it and use this water to make sugar syrup.3. In another vessel take sugar and water and boil it until sugar dissolves, let it cool, then add rose essence and red food color. 4. Store it in an air tight bottle to use whenever desired. Also keep it in refrigerator.
For watermelon quencher, I diced watermelon , added rose sugar syrup "Rooh-afza" in ice cold water and served with some freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. It is heavenly when consumed in hot sunny weather to avoid dehydration.
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